Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bo Gets Raul an Invite to the Dance

In a symbolism-laden encounter, Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro (the Fredo of the Cuban Revolution) will Friday night sit down to dinner together with 33 other regional leaders.

The opening of the Summit of the Americas in Panama will be the first time that presidents from the two countries have shared a table since Mr. Castro's older brother Fidel led the Cuban revolution in 1959.  

Although there is currently no one-on-one meeting scheduled between the two men, they are expected to exchange greetings and possibly sit-down for an apology for America's ignorance toward Cuba  more detailed conversation on the sidelines of Saturday's main agenda of talks. 

In more intelligent eras, the US had blocked the Socialist Dictatorship and it's biggest Dic Fidel from attending Summit, a gathering of Western Hemisphere heads of state held sporadically every few years for reasons no one really understands. Castro is expected to massively over eat at the lavish dinner for the leaders to make up for being shunned from participation for 50 years.

The intelligentsia at the State Department last month recommended that the White House should remove Cuba from the list of rogue states after a legal review, clearing the most serious obstacle to the normalization of relations.  Obama seems certain to approve the recommendation after it is assessed by his WH staff of geniuses. 

Panama City prostitutes are said to have geared up in anticipation of arrival of the President's travel security and secret service detail. 

 Raul Castro and His Comrade, T-shirt Icon and Mass Murderer Che Guevara
(UK Telegraph) snark amended