Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gov. Signs Virginia Criminal Fair Employment Act

Va. Governor Eliminates Criminal History Questions on State Job Applications

My friend, have you been convicted of car thievery?  Maybe dealing drugs to high school kids or beating up your baby momma? Or maybe just a politician skimming off campaign funds to buy yourself a nice fur coat.  Well, fear not for being convicted for jacking that 7-11 (of course you were innocent). Now you too can have a rewarding, high paying, cushy pension paying job as a Virginia State Employee thanks to the wee brained, but big hearted Governor Terry McAuliffe ( a bit of a shady creature himself) who in the spirit of Barack Obama, whipped out his pen and did you a great favor.....

BRISTOL, VA (WJHL) -  Applications for state jobs in Virginia will no longer will include questions regarding a person's criminal history.  Governor Virginia  Terry McAuliffe  signed an executive order removing criminal history questions from state employment applications Friday. Under the order, employment decisions won't be based on an applicant's criminal history unless it's specifically related to the job they are being considered for.
While it only applies to state employment applications, the order also encourages similar hiring practices for private employers throughout the Commonwealth.  Some business owners we spoke to in Bristol, Virginia are not on board with the idea.
"It could effect us, I do think its very important, as I said, if we are going to ask about their education and other types of history, why can we not know about their background," said April Barnes. 
"I think any business owner should ask about criminal background, I don't want a crook working for me," said Hugh Testerman.  
Governor McAuliffe, however, said he believes the executive order will eliminate obstacles for Virginians who deserve a second chance.  
I suspect as a one of his last acts as President and a final FU America, and to throw a bone to the folks in the hood,  Barack Obama will issue a blanket pardon to citizens convicted and jailed for simple marijuana possession and low level dealing now that it's legal in many states, all under the guise of "reuniting families and children with their fathers, or some phony nonsense like that.....