Thursday, May 28, 2015

Let's Watch Senator Lizzy Gets all Verklempt

I just love watching a lefties put on a good show. At a recent Tech conference, Sen. Lizzy Warren (the female half of the the Dynamic Duo of Fauxcahontas & Bullet Head) takes a question from the crowd and goes off all wonky like, starts shakin' and almost comes unglued at the end talking bad and ugly about those evil rich people (ya know, wealthy people like her) about to much money in politics (conveniently said now that she's firmly planted in a safe Senate seat) about people not wanting their taxes raised (see, she even takes a shot at me!) and not enough change cause people aren't mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore (I just blew this statement off cause surely she was just out of town during the last election in November). 

She also says there's not enough spending by the federal government (yeah, that's the ticket Lizzy), she railed about high college tuition and student debt (this from someone who got $350,000 to teach one class) and whether your kids will have a job and retirement (by this point I guess she's totally forgot she's a democrat and what they done to the country). 

I have come to the firm conclusion that to be a democrat these days, you have to totally deny all reality around you and pledge all faith in the sparkling unicorn gods who reside somewhere deep in the bowels of DC. 

And Yes, Senator Lizzy, some have indeed your kind.

So relax, and feast upon a heaping helping of liberal hypocrisy at it's finest: