Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Obama Hints He Will Continue To Aggravate America After Leaving Office

Some see Barack Obama as symbol of achievement and sucess, the first black president. But most see him a divisive figure who divided the country and expanded an already hopelessly bloated government. He is a failed president.

He failed at what could have been his most important achievement, to help help the country transcend the issue of race.  But instead he appealed to his base instincts and exploited (exploits) racial differences in the name of political gain. He is a product of a politically correct culture (Columbia, Harvard) and he allowed the pseudo-intellectual disease to infect his administration. In fairness, it is what he knew.

Obama could have been much more than a community organizer who stumbled into the presidency. He could have done some serious good for the country.  In the end – as we now see – the president instead chose the easier path. The stubborn path. The small minded path. The divisive path. The destructive path. And by doing so he hurt the country deeply.

Now Obama hints that he will go into private life to become an agitator and continue his career in the netherworld of “activism” and academia. To further divide this country along racial lines.... Shakedown some companies here... Sit on some boards there. Who knows what else?

He has failed so spectacularly and wounded this country so profoundly it would be nice if he showed some class and just went away and played golf or something and let the country heal from his presidency.