Tuesday, June 16, 2015

And then there's 'The Donald'

The American icon known to all of us as "The Donald" has been an attention-getter most of his adult life. In that respect, nothings changed there. What has changed is the fact that we're a much more celebrity/cult of personality driven society.

If we had a real media, Trump would be a 1-week story. Unfortunately, we don't have a real media so Trump's candidacy may turn into a carnival sideshow. He should never be taken seriously as a candidate and I suspect that the reason that the networks will give him face time is because his type of eccentricity fits with their type of eccentricity.
While it is definitely true that I'd rather have just about anyone other than a President Hillary, that isn’t a particularly high hurdle these days and Trump doesn't meet that threshold. What bothers me most is that supposedly serious journalists went ga-ga over him for a time in 2012 and may again if for no reason then to try and make a mockery of the Republican's attempt to take back the White House.

I don't know if it was his brashness that they found appealing in 2012, but I'm sure wasn't intellect. I'd call Trump a carnival huckster but I wouldn't want to insult the entire carnival hucksters industry.  

Donald Trump is an insanely rich man who should stick to doing the things that insanely rich people do.  If anything is true, it's that Trump sells to elites and the rich.  Trump does not have a Presidential Campaign Swag Store just yet, but we are quite sure that is coming soon, because Trump loves things that say TRUMP! on them.

It's important that Republicans know there are a limited number of battlefields worth fighting for that Hillary cannot defend against, and should
exploit them for all it's worth. But the General in that war is not "The Donald".