Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Crazy Bernie About to Invade the South

The momentum behind the Bernie Sanders campaign for president is spreading in New Hampshire and is about to invade the south.  The interest in Sanders’ message in South Carolina is so high  that the campaign was forced to move his upcoming speech in Charleston to a larger venue to accommodate bigger crowds.

Recent polling in New Hampshire have convinced many that the support for Sen. Sanders is real and it is pushing Clinton's murky campaign message aside. 

There is a pent-up desire for an authentic grassroots movement among the left in America and ironically a desire to reclaim the country that has been under attack from there boy Barack Obama's and his friends that they elected twice. Are they just seeing what we saw all along, or just falling for another snake oil salesman?
The Sanders movement isn’t so much about rejecting Hillary Clinton as it is a response to income inequality and real unemployment (only made worse by failed Obama policies) and  Citizens United ( ya know, the decision that took away the unfair advantage of millions in contributions and influence by Labor Unions to his party) and the political influence of a handful of billionaires who fill the coffers of politicians and activist groups on their behalf (surely they don't speak speak blasphemy against of Mr. Soros, the Hollywood elite and the billionaire social media kingpins).  

No one doubts Mr. sander's beliefs. He's Crazy Hard Core Radical Socialism to the bone. He plays directly to the base, the "give me mine" base that the democrats have led by the nose for decades.

And the south is full of those type of voters.....