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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Grumpy Ol' Man to Return to Yelling at Clouds

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Grumpy Bernard is in this Until the Last Dog is Dead.

This is not entirely a shock. Sanders is no democrat. He has no loyalty to the Democrat party or its leadership. Even last night he was running against them, making vague accusations of voter suppression. His loyalty is to the movement he has given voice to. True to his commie roots, he knows that a bloody and ill-fated resistance is better than compromise. Bernie knows Biden can't make it to the convention without the media cleaning up his messes with broom and dustpan, like sanitation workers following an old sh*tting horse in a parade.

We do however have two things to look forward to. Sunday there will be an epic two-man debate in which Sanders, for moral and political reasons, must go after Biden hammer-and-tongs. And we can thank Bernie for leaving behind a babbling old man Joe and smoking crater where the Democrat party was trying to build unity of purpose.

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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Bernie Hires 9/11 Truther as Senior Campaign Advisor

Bernie has a growing tendency to surround himself with 
nasty unsavory characters. Media Yawns.
(Click on the Tweeter Images to Make Biggy)

Phillip Agnew, who also goes by Umi Selah, is a self-described "militant" who tweeted on the eve of the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that America remembers the day "she turned on herself, dismantled her constitution, and killed her own citizens in the name of money."

It was announced Saturday Agnew was hired as Sanders 2020 Senior Campaign Advisor. Agnew has spoken alongside other high-profile Sanders surrogates such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex and Michael Moore at recent campaign events.  Agnew is co-founder of the Florida based leftist activist group Dream Defenders, which boasts anti-Semitic activist and fellow Sanders surrogate Linda Sarsour as well as notorious Black Panther and Communist Party member Angela Davis as board members. The organization advocates for far-left causes such as the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) and the idea that every person has a right to a home, clothes, food, and job provided by the government. In other words, they're just another bunch of commies like Bernie.

Agnew joins a growing list of controversial and anti-Semitic figures in the Sanders campaign including Sarsour and the left-wing nut-case and fake negro Shaun King.  The Free Beacon reported this past December that another Sanders campaign official, Darius Khalil Gordon, deputy director of constituency organizing, has a history of racist and misogynistic tweets including homophobic slurs and anti-Semitic references to ‘Jew Money.’

I'm still trying to get my head around why Bernie puts people like Phillip Agnew and 2020 Co-Chair, Nina Turner, the whacked-out loud mouth Negress out front of the campaign.
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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

If Bernie Fails, He Can Always Run For Mayor of Havana

Democrats are not only mad about Sanders praise of Castro's little island utopia, but they are also terrified at his ascension to the top of their party.  That's their own fault. He has never claimed to ever identify as a dem. You lay down with dogs, you will get fleas. They know that those who remember Castro and his oppressive communism will take their anger out on Democrats from the top of the ballot to the bottom if Bernie is the nominee.

But one place that had glowing praise for comrade Sanders' kind words about the mass murderers who ran the Cuban Revolution was the official voice of the Cuban Communist Party, the newspaper Granma, who thought Bernie's comments were just top shelf.

Granma wrote“his comments sparked the anger of the most extremist sector of Cuban-Americans in South Florida, who oppose any rapprochement with the Caribbean island.”  Cuban exiles and Cuban Americans took to the tweeter and pointed out that the literacy program carried out by Castro after coming to power was highly politicized and were actually just a communist reeducation propaganda program to control the masses.

Bernie could have given a mea culpa. He might have taken the opportunity on 60 Minutes to apologize for his past praise of commie dictatorships and thugs like Fidel Castro. Instead, he went full bore commie and dared people to vote against him for it. This they are going to do with relish. If Bernie really thinks his views on communism don't matter, then he's a fool and deserves to lose.

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

I Must Apologize To Bernie Sanders

I must humble myself and apologize to Senator Bernie Sanders and the 'Bernie Bros of America' for my spreading of misinformation. I have stated here in previous post that Bernie Sanders, in his long career in Congress dating back to 1990 has never distinguished himself as a member and has only two pieces of legislation he personally sponsored to ever be signed into law. One being a cost of living raise for veterans in 2013, and the other renaming of a Post Office building. I was wrong. It turns out he got a second Post Office renamed.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Lucky for Bernie Medicare-for-All hadn’t been implemented yet.

Tuesday at a campaign event, Bernie Sanders began experiencing chest discomfort.  He probably thought it was just his white-hot anger at capitalism, but the problem didn’t go away.  Doctors determined that he had a blocked artery and was admitted to the hospital to undergo a procedure that surely saved his life.  This life-saving surgery was performed under the evil capitalist model of health care that Bernie is trying to destroy, but for some reason he didn’t refuse treatment on his twisted socialist principals. When a guy owns 3 residences while pushing for a communist takeover, chances are he’s not quite as committed to socialism as he claims, especially when it comes to remaining alive.

Lucky for him Medicare-for-all hadn’t been implemented or he’d have been waiting a long time to even see a physician.  Thanks to the evils of the capitalist system, his wealth allowed him to get an immediate procedure in which two stints were inserted to unblock the artery.

Sanders campaign senior adviser says everything is fine now: “Sen. Sanders is conversing and in good spirits.”  That has to be a lie. When is Bernie ever in good spirits?  The guy is pissed off 24/7.  It’s like that old joke when a guy asks the doctor if he will be able to play the piano after undergoing a medical procedure.  The doctor says yes and then the guy say that’s amazing because he was never able to play the piano before.  Maybe Bernie is still high from the meds, but even that doesn’t make sense considering intoxicants tend to amplify someone’s existing personality.  Bernie’s an angry guy and stoned Bernie would probably be even angrier.

And in reality, things are looking bleak for Bernie, or at least his campaign.  Bernie cancelled a $1.3 million ad-buy in Iowa. Hopefully Bernie hangs in the race, if for nothing else to provide endless entertainment with his hypocritical communist fanaticism.
 Who doesn’t want to see him try to explain how crappy socialized medicine is better than the capitalism health care that saved his life?

Our Friend Brian Anderson@Def-Con News

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Back To The USSR: More of Bernie's Soviet Tapes Uncovered

Note: Fear not dear reader. There are no nauseating videos of a half naked Bernie Sanders within this post. 

The mood is festive as the "Man Who Combs His Hair with a Balloon" and his blushing bride bestow the gifts: A Beatles album (The White One No Doubt) a red “Bernie for Burlington” button, “delicious Vermont candy” and a tape of tunes Sanders recorded himself with fellow comrades from Vermont among other goodies, was the scene as reported by Politico Magazine who viewed the previously unseen 3½ hours of raw footage of comrade Bernie's visits to Yaroslavl, Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1988. And DJT just may have been given a juicy political gift..... 
The hours of footage include a scene of Sanders sitting with his delegation at a table under a portrait of Vladimir Lenin. Sanders can be heard extolling the virtues of Soviet life and culture, even as he acknowledges some of their shortcomings. There are flashes of humor, too, such as his host warning the American guests not to cross the KGB, or else. And Sanders “If you’re wondering what’s wrong with capitalism, it’s made in Hong Kong," he jokes. "Sorry about that.” 
Earlier this year, two minutes of the long-lost videos went viral. The clip featured a shirtless Sanders and other Americans singing “This Land Is Your Land” to their hosts after relaxing in a sauna. A few minutes later, Sanders doled out the gifts to his Russian friends with a towel wrapped around his waist. 
The newest video also paints a fuller picture of why Sanders ventured to the land of America’s No. 1 enemy in the midst of the Cold War, the anti-war idealism that fueled his journey, and what he found when he got there. Sanders is seen living it up with Russians. There are, naturally, shrines to Lenin everywhere. In one scene, Sanders and his wife, as well as other couples, boogie to live Russian music. 
The tapes also reveal Sanders and his team being wooed by the Soviet Union: They eat nice-looking meals, tour a decorated subway station, take horse-and-buggy rides, and watch professional dancers. A cab driver serenades members of Sanders’ delegation — it’s not clear whether Sanders himself is in the car — with songs for minutes on end. When they return home, the Americans said the cabbie liked them so much that he didn’t charge a fare. The tapes also showed people who appear to be waiting in line for food as well as the Soviet Union’s shabby housing stock. 
For now, many of the videos will remain available for viewing only in CCTV’s archives. POLITICO learned about the tapes after reporting on a TV show Sanders created while mayor called “Bernie Speaks With the Community.” The government-access channel is not planning to put the raw tapes documenting the Soviet Union trip online because they never aired. 
Sanders’ opponents, though, will likely find much in the tapes to call outlandish. And in a campaign season in which Democrats are concerned about nothing more than defeating President Donald Trump, there’s plenty of material that Democratic voters might worry the Republican Party could spin into a 30-second negative ad.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

And Bernie Makes Four....

Crazy Ol' Commie Coot To Rebut SOTU Address from His Alternative Universe 

As the Democrats continue to retreat into their make-believe world of Russian conspiracy theories, race-baiting, gender politics and betting the farm that voters will turn out for a party that is on the record as more concerned with illegal aliens than U.S. citizens, are getting ready to pour more gasoline on the smoldering wreckage of a party with their upcoming responses to President Trumps State of the Union address.

Today, communist coot Bernie Sanders announced that he would also be giving a rebuttal to the President's Tuesday State of the Union Address. He joins the privileged whiny self-obsessed celebrities and their idiotic “People’s State of the Union” address on Monday, the official Democratic rebuttal featuring the alabaster white Rep. Joe Kennedy III (aka Mr. Diversity whose selection can’t please the identity politics member of the crybaby caucus) and the Lunatic Fringe conspiracy theorist and race-baiting fanatic Maxine Waters who refuses to attend but will be giving her own twisted rebuttal on Black Entertainment Television
Sanders’s office didn’t hint at what the Vermont lawmaker will say. But he simultaneously blasted out a note to supporters from his campaign account knocking Trump and predicting what the president won’t discuss during the prime-time address. 
“He will surely not be apologizing for the many lies he told American voters: how he promised to defend the interests of working people, but then sold them out to Wall Street and the billionaire class,” Sanders said in the note to supporters. - The Hill
Power To The Correct People....or something. 

(The Hill)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bernie Feels the Devil's Heat After Selling Her His Soul

It is the wonderful day when Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton holds hands and say “Bernie Sanders, you have done MANY GOOD THINGS and I will listen to you about Free College For  Everybody and More Better Public Options,” and Bernie Sanders will say, “I REALLY HATE DONALD TRUMP AND I GUESS YOU ARE NOT THE WHORE OF BABYLON. MAYBE!” ......and everything is wonderful in democratland. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

There Is One Similarity Between Trump Supporters and Sanders Supporters …

Let’s be clear: the differences between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are profound. Their policies, their dignity and their visions. Sanders is a crazy old Commie. Trump a self-absorbed ass.  Which is why I find their respective supporters’ opinions so interesting on one matter: lots of Trump’s supporters, and lots of Sanders’ as well, seem completely convinced that if their candidate is not the nominee, it will be the result of some conspiratorial combination of party leadership and media perfidy. 

According to some of Sanders’ supporters, then, it is in no way shape or form possible that Hillary Clinton has spent 30 years building connections in the Democratic Party, doing and calling in favors, and so has worked her way to a winning position. Instead, the recent party-joining Sanders is the “real” Democrat.  It’s all media and party bias.  Nor does it matter that the media has REALLY over-attended the Trump campaign, not Clinton’s.  It’s all party and media bias.

Likewise, for Trumpsters, it’s their guy or the highway, but he’s neither a Republican nor a credible national leader.  The fact large numbers of Republican voters and leaders might have qualms about supporting his celebrity candidacy is absurd on its face to such persons.  It’s all conspiracy all the time.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

And Now a Few Words on Behalf of Bernie Sanders.

And I say any man who dances like this has no business in the White House!


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders Supporter Redefines the Term 'Grassroots Support'

You Can Burn One for Bernie and His Campaign

Bernie Sanders supporters can take the phrase "Feel the Bern" to a
whole new level by buying weed pipes with the campaign's 
logo from  the Portland-based Stonedware Company.  

Ariel Zimman, a 29-year-old from Portland, told the Center for Public Integrity she will donate 10 percent of all proceeds she gets from sales of ceramic marijuana pipes emblazoned with the Vermont senator's campaign logo to the Sanders campaign. Supporters who want to take the campaign slogan "Feel the Bern" to a whole new level — most likely "Burners for Bernie" — will have to shell out $60 for a pipe and $30 for a chillum, according to Zimman's website

Sanders has previously introduced a bill in congress to end the federal prohibition on recreational marijuana and allow states to decide on legalization. But like most legislation Mr. Sander puts forth, everyone just ignores anyway. 

The 29-year-old told the Center for Public Integrity that she's already donated about $150 to the Sanders campaign and plans to send about $200 more in about a month. That's out of roughly $3,000 in pipe sales. "There is profit on my side of the business, but I'm also doing it for their profit as well."

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bernie Tops National Poll For The First Time

The Hill
Bernie Sanders has passed Hillary Clinton at the top of a national poll for the first time in the 2016 race.  A Fox News poll of the Democratic presidential race released Thursday shows Sanders with 47 percent support to Clinton’s 44 percent.
That's a gain of 10 percentage points for Sanders a January version of the poll. Clinton's support declined 5 points.
Clinton posted leads as high as 30 points over the summer, but Sanders has been steadily closing the gap. While no other poll of the race going back to 2014 has ever showed Clinton trailing a rival, she led Sanders by just 2 points in the last two Quinnipiac University tracking polls.
It's unclear whether the numbers are outliers or indicative of a dramatic change in the race. Outside of the Quinnipiac poll, Clinton posted double-digit leads in all three national polls conducted in February, with the largest lead coming in at 21 percentage points.
“One thing that is clear from our poll — and others — is that Clinton has been losing support and Sanders has been gaining,” said Democratic pollster Chris Anderson, who assisted Fox News on the poll.
“And this process appears to have accelerated since the contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.”
Fox released the poll two days before Saturday's caucuses in Nevada, a state where Clinton has also seen a major lead evaporate. A CNN/ORC poll from this week found the White House hopefuls essentially tied there.
The Democratic establishment had long viewed Clinton as the inevitable nominee, but anxiety is growing, with some fearful that the campaign is slipping away from her.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

John Lewis Takes a Shot at Bernie's Civil Rights Creds

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga)

Democrat loudmouth firebrand and U.S. Rep. John Lewis who has real bona fide creds as a Civil Rights advocate, mainly for getting his face bashed in while trying to occupy a bridge somewhere back in the sixties, has a problem with Bernie Sanders claims of street cred as a civil rights pioneer. While both seem to still be living in the 1960's, they don't seem to see the past in the same mind.
Sanders has frequently talked up his history as an activist while he was at the University of Chicago in the 1960s and touted his work with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. But Lewis, a civil rights icon and leader of SNCC said he never saw Sanders at any events.
“I never saw him. I never met him. I was chair of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee for three years, from 1963 to 1966. I was involved with the sit-ins, the Freedom Rides, the March on Washington, the march from Selma to Montgomery and directed (the) voter education project for six years. But I met Hillary Clinton. I met President (Bill) Clinton.”
Not really surprising Lewis doesn't remember a guy like Bernie. After all, the civil rights movement of the 60's were full of white communist sympathizers like Sander, and he'd probably remember him if he had been around stirring up sh*t.....  

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Bernie Sanders Presidency

Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017

Tax Day, April 15, 2018

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bernie Sanders Says You Too Should Have the Right To Be Stoned........

Bernie Says You Should Be Able To Smoke Um If Ya Got Um

Introduces Senate Bill To Lift The Federal Ban On Marijuana

Bernie Sanders today introduced the 'Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act', a bill to lift the federal ban on marijuana. The bill is companion legislation to H.R. 1013, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, a bill introduced in February.  But due to those ol' intolerant Republicans being stuck in the “just say no” mentality of the 1980s, this bill will not make it out of Congress. However, continually wasting time introducing these bills is still a vital step in achieving real change in the eyes of the lefties.

"American society has made great strides on numerous issues during the presidency of Barack Obama, but two great and intertwined challenges remain. The nation is making real bipartisan progress of criminal justice reform, but along with reforming the criminal justice system it is important to look at the decriminalization of marijuana. Progress takes persistence, nd the introduction of this bill is another milestone on the path to change."
Yeah, emptying out the jails of low level drug dealers who will run right out and get themselves a good job will be real cultural progress. And I know, I'll feel much safer driving down the street on weekends knowing every 10th car coming my direction is full of teenagers stoned out of their heads. Yes, the Obama Presidency has made great strides for America, and putting criminals back on the street and making pot legal will be the cherry on the top. You go Bernie!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bernie and the Electric Kool-Aid Socialist Test:

"If you watched Tuesday's Democratic debates, you probably noticed a whole lot of yelling. Indeed, the event, sponsored by CNN, was a veritable white-knuckle ride of hollering, with most of it coming from just one guy -- a guy who looked like he just received a nasty shock trying to jump-start his DeLorean in a shed filled with half-baked inventions and sad, peeling posters celebrating the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. This guy also specialized, I should add, in occasional, disgusted harrumphs.
"I'm talking, of course, about Bernie Sanders, who may not have won the debate, but who certainly set the tone. It was amazing to behold: In a country where just 26 percent of voters describe themselves as 'liberal,' the Democratic Party has apparently gone full-bore, hair-on-fire Oberlin dorm room progressive.
"Sanders' poll numbers with Democratic voters -- which hover around 25 percent, according to the latest RealClearPolitics average -- are astounding, given the fact that he aims to haphazardly micromanage our country back to the economic Stone Age." - Heather Wilhelm, RealClearPolitics