Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Lucky for Bernie Medicare-for-All hadn’t been implemented yet.

Tuesday at a campaign event, Bernie Sanders began experiencing chest discomfort.  He probably thought it was just his white-hot anger at capitalism, but the problem didn’t go away.  Doctors determined that he had a blocked artery and was admitted to the hospital to undergo a procedure that surely saved his life.  This life-saving surgery was performed under the evil capitalist model of health care that Bernie is trying to destroy, but for some reason he didn’t refuse treatment on his twisted socialist principals. When a guy owns 3 residences while pushing for a communist takeover, chances are he’s not quite as committed to socialism as he claims, especially when it comes to remaining alive.

Lucky for him Medicare-for-all hadn’t been implemented or he’d have been waiting a long time to even see a physician.  Thanks to the evils of the capitalist system, his wealth allowed him to get an immediate procedure in which two stints were inserted to unblock the artery.

Sanders campaign senior adviser says everything is fine now: “Sen. Sanders is conversing and in good spirits.”  That has to be a lie. When is Bernie ever in good spirits?  The guy is pissed off 24/7.  It’s like that old joke when a guy asks the doctor if he will be able to play the piano after undergoing a medical procedure.  The doctor says yes and then the guy say that’s amazing because he was never able to play the piano before.  Maybe Bernie is still high from the meds, but even that doesn’t make sense considering intoxicants tend to amplify someone’s existing personality.  Bernie’s an angry guy and stoned Bernie would probably be even angrier.

And in reality, things are looking bleak for Bernie, or at least his campaign.  Bernie cancelled a $1.3 million ad-buy in Iowa. Hopefully Bernie hangs in the race, if for nothing else to provide endless entertainment with his hypocritical communist fanaticism.
 Who doesn’t want to see him try to explain how crappy socialized medicine is better than the capitalism health care that saved his life?

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