Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hillary's Iron Control of Campaign Media Coverage

Daily Pool Reporter Denied Access to Events

It was the Daily Mail.com's turn to do pool reporting at Clinton campaign events Monday but the chosen reporter, David Martosko, was refused entry and told he was not approved by the Clinton campaign for Monday's events.  The pool was formed at the request of the Clinton campaign, with one reporter traveling with the Mrs. Clinton each day. The campaign agreed not to have a say in which reporter chosen, with the news correspondents themselves deciding the rotation. Some in the media are finally starting to ask whether the presumptive nominee is taking an unusually heavy-handed approach to controlling her coverage.  

Media Equalizer:
"A source close to the situation told the Media Equalizer earlier that when Martosko was informed last night of the rescinded credential, the consensus among others in the media pool was to decline to send a replacement at all, leaving at least one event without anyone to report on it. The position normally rotates each day, as the campaign only allows one print reporter at a time inside many of her events.
While the left-leaning Mediaite speculates the issue is related to a 2013 story about Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and the campaign cites the Daily Mail’s foreign ownership (a can of worms were this to be applied evenly across the board), it’s more likely related to a recent series of scoops by Martosko about events on the trail.
It was Martosko, after all, who has reported on a number of behavioral missteps by Clinton’s team, such as her reliance on private jets as opposed to commercial travel even as she rails against the rich during campaign stops.
In April, he caught Clinton’s entourage reaching or exceeding 80 miles per hour in a 55 zone as they “raced to Boston” in order to catch a plane in Logan with a first class section. That’s despite skipping “the Manchester, NH airport [which] would have been 55 miles closer and had a flight two hours earlier – but it was on smaller plane with only coach seats.” 
In addition, he uncovered Clinton’s now-infamous “Scooby van– the vehicle used to move her across Iowa, featuring armor plating and tinted windows." - READ MORE
Looks like to me Mr. Martosko is being made an example of for the other media to be careful what they report.  After what he has reported so far of Ma's elitist type campaign behavior, maybe it could be said Mr. Martosko has the honor of being the first name on President Hillary's Enemies List.