Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Obama to be Greeted By 5,000 Naked Kenyans

After first being warned not to bring his Gay Homo Agenda with him when he pays his second visit to Kenya since becoming President, All Africa reports he will be greeted by a rally of 5000 naked Kenyans protesting to show Obama the differences between a man and a woman.

Barry visiting the folks as a youth
"The procession shall be carried out by approximately 5,000 totally naked men and women to protest over Obama's open and aggressive support for homosexuality," Kidala said in a letter to the county commander on Monday.
"In fact our party has a network of prostitutes in Nairobi, Nakuru and other counties. This is where we shall get all these people whose number we expect to increase," he told the Star on phone.
He said the prostitutes agreed to participate free of charge since they will lose customers if homosexuality is legalised. This comes after the White House downplayed demands by a section of Kenyan leaders for Obama to avoid gay talk during his visit.
The President is not expected to shy off any topic, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, in response to a question on the matter, during a press briefing last Tuesday. Obama has used previous trips to Africa to urge governments to decriminalize homosexuality, but heads led by Deputy President William Ruto have warned him not to talk about it."
I believe the Kenyan tactics will have little affect on the president. After all, he has seen much more unimaginable and disgusting things then 5000 naked protesting Africans......Michelle Obama without makeup......and naked!  

h/t WZ