Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us

When Hernán Cortés landed in the new world, he saw a vast and powerful empire stretched before him. He wanted to conquer it, but faced numerically superior forces of well-trained fighting men. He looked for its Achilles heel and found it working in the fields, the kitchens and the laundries. This powerful empire thrived by the strength of its upper classes, but lived on the work of its lower classes. Cortés mobilized the lower classes to attack the higher, and rode that wave of revolution into power, which allowed him to reach his actual objective: the gold ornaments of the elites.
Those who want to destroy Western culture use the same method, and they are succeeding. They approach with a sob story about the lower classes being oppressed, and mobilized those against the elites. In doing so, they turn the society against itself and in the ensuing confusion have been able to live off it as parasites. These parasites take many forms: politicians, advertisers, journalists, lawyers, bureaucrats, authoritarians and others who depend on being “useful” by being in power. They make their profit off of what the majority wants to purchase, think, hear, and use as an identity.

Consider the boy in the above photo. He is what every person on earth hopes their little boy will be: masculine, creative, analytical and moral. He has few toys, but he lives in a nice house in a stable place. Social order is more expensive than people think, and worth more, too. He is an innocent, even at the advanced age of nearly a decade, and he idealizes an innocent future: maybe the military, maybe science, but probably a college education and then a chaste relationship and family just like him. People refuse to understand this, but that right there is the best it gets as a human. 
All of the drama about looking for an exciting life or something cutting-edge is designed to hide the fact that most people cannot have what this little boy does. Their IQs are too low, their cultures too disorganized, their values too individualistic. 
And so they gnash their teeth and envy this little boy. They will never admit it, but if they could, they would be him. Since they cannot, they will try to destroy him, although since they are socially aware humans they will not do so directly. No: they will teach him neurotic politics, sell him pop culture encouraging self-pity and consequent degeneracy, sabotage the social order around him and turn all the women he might have into self-obsessed whores.
That will destroy him, but not get what he has to others, but the worst aspect of the crowd is its notion that if only a few can have what is best, it is better that no one have it. That is the raw unvarnished face of humanity. Any society which insists that an insane idea is “equal” to a sane one, or a sane person equal to an insane one, has gone against Darwin, God and common sense and will destroy itself.