Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Injudicious Defense of Donald Trump

The Only Question That Should Have Been Asked of Donald Trump Thursday Night is "Are You Done Evolving?"
Whatever Trump-followers call themselves (Trumpanistas, Trump Troops, Trumpsters, etc) they are aggressive in their defense of the billionaire celebrity presidential candidate. Why? Most say they idolize Trump because he is strong, stands up for his principles, is a great business man and tells it like it is. Why then do Donald’s supporters feel the need to ardently attack anyone that disagrees with him? 
They believe he won the debate on Thursday night and that he rightfully beat-down a moderator for asking him “unfair” questions.  His supporters seem unwilling to see Trump vetted. Many of those same people were angry when the media failed to ask tough questions of candidate Obama. If they firmly believe that Trump is the best candidate for President, then having a moderator ask him some tough questions should not be an issue. If he’s elected .. the issues and questions won’t get easier and he won’t simply be able to call them names and make faces. 
Trump has flip-flopped on his liberal stances such as abortion, gun rights and much more. While conservatives were quick to question Obama or Clinton’s “evolving” on important issues, they readily accept Trump’s modifications on central ideals.  But, hypocrisy is what it is, no matter which side is doing it. 
Trump supporters point at easily-swayed online polls to claim Thursday's victory. Ron and Rand Paul saw similar huge online poll wins after debates due to their ardent, but small, armies of followers. It never amounted to much more than an also-ran in the nomination fight. Online polls don’t accurately reflect voter sentiment – probably because Americans don’t elect their politicians via social media – yet. When Trump’s top campaign advisor, Roger Stone, left the campaign Saturday, it was reportedly over Trump’s unwillingness to accept that online polls weren’t scientific – despite the evidence to the contrary – and his attacks on Megyn Kelly:  
Stone: “Donald, stop with the Megyn Kelly shit. It’s fucking crazy. It’s killing us.” 
Trump: “What do you mean? I won the debate. People loved it.” 
Stone: “You didn’t win the debate.” 
Trump: “Yes I did. Look at the polling. Look at Drudge.” 
Stone: “The Drudge Report poll isn’t a scientific poll. You won’t give me the money to pay for a scientific poll. And you’re off-message.” 
Donald seems unwilling to listen to anyone that disagrees with him – a narrow-minded approach at best, eerily reminiscent of Obama at worst. The exchange also shows that Trump does not want to know what internal polling might show him – the truth. Internal polls are scientific surveys paid for by campaigns so that campaign operations can understand how the voters are actually responding to their messages and actions. By not polling independently, Trump seems ready to run his campaign based on blog polls from every dark corner of the internet which has worked … never.  
To Trump’s credit, sure, Americans want the illegal immigration issue solved. Whether it’s by Trump’s big wall with a beautiful door or by fixing the catastrophic legal immigration system currently in-place and going after employers that hire illegals – it should be fixed. That isn’t even in the same zip code as allowing a prospective leader of the free world to act like a Jerry Springer guest every time someone asks him a tough question or otherwise slights him. 
A President smiles, nods and courteously rebuts the criticism. Name-calling and personal attacks are for reality T.V., the schoolyard and Barack Obama and his minions.