Friday, October 9, 2015

Mike Welcomes South Carolina

LSU-45   SC-24  

Because of devastating floods that have hit the state of  South Carolina, the USC Gamecocks made the decision to moved their home game to Baton Rouge. In the early searches to find a neutral field, the idea was floated to play the game here, at Independence Stadium, a friendly field for the Gamecocks because of their Independence Bowl Appearance and win last December. The final decision was made by USC to play in Tiger Stadium because of logistics, and the necessities are already in place. Baton Rouge also presents the opportunity for a larger attendance for the visiting SC. 

Baton Rouge has pulling out all the stops to welcome the Gamecocks this weekend, and make this game feel as close as possible to a home game. With the memory still fresh of what Arizona State.Univ. and the people of Tempe did for the Tiger program after Hurricane Katrina and Rita, it's LSU's opportunity  pay it forward.

All game proceeds, television revenue and stadium concessions from the game will go to USC, as well as a relief fund set up to help the victims of the flooding. Our prayers go out for them and our SEC brothers and sisters. They need only look 60 miles to the south of Tiger Stadium to be reminded that devastation and hopelessness can indeed turn into a new and better day. 

Saturday, the entire starting LSU defense will take the field  together for the first time this season. Finally healthy and 100%, it should show. The Gamecocks are an underdog and will be playing the role of spoiler, who knows what tricks Coach Spurrier may have up his sleeve for the Tigers. This should be a good game. It's expected "The Beast" runs for another 200+yds and continues an assault on the SEC record book. 
I say LSU by 20.


Arkansas @ Alabama: This game I hesitate to call at all, for good reason: the Hogs have a well earned and justified reputation of jumping nationally ranked teams and handing them their only defeat while on their way to a National Championship ( just ask Oklahoma, Texas, LSU and and Notre Dame in recent history). Bama tasted a little of the hog sweat themselves last year winning at the Hog Pin by only by 1 point (14-13).  It's like the hogs can sniff them out. But, if the Tide stops the hogs from running, it may not even be close.  

Florida @ Missouri: I know absolutely nothing of the Mizzo Tigers, ceptin' they're from up north somewheres and play in the SEC East (?). So I'll say, if the Gators are indeed for real, they go into Baton Rouge undefeated next week for a showdown with Mike and the Tigers.
I say Gators by 10+

Out on a Limb Prediction: No team ..... goes undefeated in the SEC this year. It pains me to say that. National Ranking polls are virtually useless conjecture, just weekly snapshots and mean very little until the last few weeks of the season. No dominate team or clear favorite has yet appeared, but the talent and level of play in the SEC as a whole means some serious big boy football with unexpected surprises in the offing, and a interesting SEC chase.

Jan's Picks: 10-2 on the year......