Saturday, January 15, 2011

American Asshat: Paul Krugman

Nominee for Diogenes' 2011 Asshat of the Year

We are all well aware of the tragic events in Arizona last weekend and the ensuing media fallout. That brings me to my pressing question:

Who the hell is this Paul Krugman?

I know well who he is supposed to be: a Nobel prize winning economist, a professor at Princeton, and multi-purpose talking head whose principal media platform is a column in the New York Times, the fish wrap of choice.  And we know his kind: the ones who call out from their Ivory towers to us, the great unwashed. But seriously, for a supposedly deep thinking intellectual, Krugman just churns out nothing but boiler plate bien pensant waffle, week after week.  There's no thinking involved. It’s more like a stimulus response: add Sarah Palin here and watch the head spin. Add Tea Party here for instant spittle- flecked rant.
Middle America for the most part doesn't read the NYT, and like most people, I simply ignore this Krugman fellow.  But, his instant blog on the Arizona shootings was exactly what you'd expect from an angry wee man with a hate-on for the world he envisions in his head. You know, evil Republicans and Tea Party types seizing the country creating a climate of violence etc. 

His column a day later expanded on the theme — Krugman’s people, the virtuous “left” would never do anything like that.  But it wasn’t the blog that pissed me off so much as the thought of  Krugman gleefully rushing to his computer within seconds of hearing of the attack to exploit it for the political ends. Even as the bodies of the dead were still cooling, he already knew everything, without actually knowing anything.

The left champions itself as the party of critical thinking and science, but where the hell was the scientific method in lefty pundits’ analyses of the weekends events? All I saw was post-hoc confabulation, perverse wishful thinking, confirmation bias and other types of fallacies. Zero critical thinking. Just contemptible idiocy as far as the eye could see.

The most unseemly aspect though, was how EXCITED people like Markos Moulitsas from the Daily Kos, Matthew Yglesias, etc.'s as if all the fresh corpses gave them a psycho sexual adrenaline rush. I hope they have toweled off all their secretions.

As for Mr. Krugman, I feel he owes some people an apology, but I hope no one is holding their breath till that happens.

The left needs to find reason and logic soon. I want to return to making fun of them in good humor and have fun at the expense of their trim, fit physiques and snug-fitting cycling shorts. 



  1. Excellent analysis, Diogenes! I shared your post at that political information page that I run at facebook.
    They really are ghouls in the leftosphere, just sick, sad people. I don't understand why they all think they are so smart when every new blathering from them reveals their colossal ignorance. things easily debunked with a five second Google search they declare as if it were indisputable fact. I think they are all mentally ill and possibly intellectually handicapped, to put it nicely.

  2. Thank You for sharing the piece Z.

    I believe the Left, being slightly mentally defective, should be re classified anthropologically as “BOZO SAPEINS”

  3. You're right, Krugman is an whiny pretentious asshole.

  4. I meant A whiny pretentious asshole.