Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If there's anything a Muslim man fears more than Allah, it would be an original thought and a vagina.

Excerpts from The Lunatic's Asylum 

Societies which restrict the spread of information, forbid the principle of debate, stifle education, cut off access to viewpoints which conflict with the "official" point-of-view, are societies which eventually wither and die. They are strangled by a lack of creativity, and a the inability to adapt to an ever-changing world. Societies which treat their women as livestock, and don't bother to educate or encourage them to work in a capacity other than sperm receptacle or human punching-bag, become irrelevant or simply cease to exist, eventually.

The only thing that's keeping the Islamic world relevant is that there's so damned many of them, but the ability to breed like roaches still won't save that culture and those societies from the slow rot from within. They are stale backward cultures. Hence, all the violence. They aren't allowed awareness of another way to live.

The Iranians can cite the Stuxnet virus attacks on their nuclear program all they want, the real reason they're clamping down on the internet is because it's a place where people are exposed to ideas that are dangerous. Well, that and because the Middle East is the internet rape video and donkey sex capital of the world (just ask Google).

No educated women + no political or religious dissent + no exchange of ideas + the criminalization of unofficial thought = Islam is a intellectual wasteland. 

Culture, the real reason why they hate us in the West, it has little to do with religion, it's all about the culture. Our system represents cultural freedom and progress, and theirs represents a culture of repression, ignorance, violence and perpetual poverty, even as they swim in a sea of oil. The Taliban have bombed and set fire to hundreds of schools, most of them for girls. They are incapable of changing so as to match and join us in the 21st Century, so they try to pull us down to their level (that's what terrorism is all about, after all), the easier to enslave us all so that they may live off the fruits of our labors and productive, creative brains.

Productive and creative brains that got that way because we allow dissent, educate our women, and don't spend the majority of our day looking at deviant pornography.  The Whole Fundamentalist Islamic thing has less to do with religion and more about ensuring a system in which Might Makes Right and where men can lord it over women.

Because on close inspection of 21st Century Islam it becomes apparent, if there's anything a Muslim man fears more than God, it would be an original thought and a vagina. 

Edited by Diogenes Sarcastica


  1. I will venture to state the politically incorrect proposition that Islam is less a religion and much more of a paramilitary political movement bent upon domination of the world through military conquest or political governance/subjugation of the indigenous populations.

    I continuously hear that Islam is a religion of peace and that radical Islamists are simply a small minority within Islam. Yet, I see no evidence of the supposed "moderate" Muslims doing anything of substance to rid themselves and the world of these vile extremists. Yes, I do realize that occasionally an isolated Muslim will speak out, but that is the exception, especially when viewed in comparison to the supposed huge number of "moderate" Muslims in the world.

    The Quran is claimed to be a document of peace, extolling all the virtues of Islam. And yet, two things immediately come to mind. First, all later Quranic scripture overrides and overrules all similar previous scripture. Later scripture is harsh, dictatorial, totalitarian and definitely anti-democratic in nature. Second, Sharia law controls the application of all Quranic principles of conduct. Sharia law allows anything and everything to be used in the furtherance of Islam, from lying to and murder of (and anything in between) anyone, including Muslims, who violate Sharia law.

    Why don't more "moderate" Muslims speak out against radical Islamists? Because "moderates" fully realize that Sharia law can be used by radical Islamists as the justification for their punishment up to and including their death as a subversive of Islam.

    The Quran is the philosophical and theological basis of Islam, while Sharia law is the operational management system employed to advance Islam throughout the world by any means necessary.

  2. Ha--The fear in the eyes of a Muslim man is very well said--He fears the frre thought and expression of any person--but especially a woman. Two trials are coming up today; one in NY after the "moderate' Muslim producer of the Television station "Bridges" beheaded his estranged wife. In the other trial we will see a man who ran over his own daughter--and ran her over AGAIN for becoming too westernized. (See Pamela Geller in the American Thinker.) It will be interesting to see how these liberal judges we have today will interpret Sharia law for these animals here in our United States.