Thursday, April 7, 2011

But Fool You Twice.........Shame on You.

Fact #1 - I History tells us it is extremely difficult to defeat a sitting president for a second term.  Extraordinary circumstances, such as strong third party candidates must be in play.

Fact #2 - History tells us at no time in this country’s history has a sitting President seemed so inept, out of focus, uneducated to the ways of governing , spent so fast the political capital and good will which comes with a new administration  and reversed so many campaign statements and promises used to dupe Americans to vote for him.  (I chose not to use “Lie” in favor of “Ignorance”).

Now that Obama has officially thrown his hat into the race (sorry -- can't say 'race' in re: Obama) I mean, into the competition, rumors swirl about a challenger.
"I would rather be a good one-term President then a bad two-term one....." Barack Obama 
For Obama to bow out and not run for re-election would be an admission of failure. And if there's one thing we know about this president, it's his failures   But in Obama’s world, everyone else fails, but never him. When Obama fails it's not because he advocated a bad idea, or chose the wrong policy or priority, it's because he didn't communicate his vision to the village idiots well enough; we're just too stupid to understand his unparalleled brilliance.

That's why the man spent the first 15 months of his Presidency pushing a Health Care law that couldn't even be explained, which is an assault upon American Liberties and Pocketbooks. He still hasn't figured out how to explain why, if this ObamaCare thing is such a wonderful policy, 1,000 waivers (granted on the grounds of political necessity, i.e. guarantee votes) have been issued.

That's why we were treated to three years of  George Bush did this,that and the other, except that Bush was (mostly) right, and when Obama adapted wholesale all the Bush policies on War and Terrorism, there was no admission of having been wrong to criticize them in the first place. There is PLENTY to criticize GWB about, but the War on Terror was not one of them, at least in theory.

I don't know exactly he's going to run on. I mean, you'd be hard-pressed to find an actual achievement to brag about.

But there were all those great photo-ops….. Obama emerging from the surf……..Obama playing golf….. Obama receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for Being Black……… Obama visiting the few unsoiled parts of the Gulf Coast before continuing his interminable summer vacation and filing a lawsuit against BP. I guess those sorts of images will sway some voters, those who still believe that Obama would pay their bills and fill their gas tanks.  But where the rubber meets the road, the Great Candidate Slayer question "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" will be asked, and Obama will have no answer for it, and his machinations in appearing to be answering it will be an all too obvious dog and pony show.  

Is I stated in earlier post Warming Up the Clinton Smear Machine and Yep...I Still Think Pantsuit is Gonna Run, I believed Hillary Clinton might challenge Obama in the primaries. But Obama has made a bad situation at home and abroad even worst with his incompetence dealing with foreign governments and lack of attention to wishes of the American people, and Clinton may see nothing but a giant hole in which to fall. 

I am beginning to have some doubts about my prior predictions.



  1. For the most part, all predictions done from a monastery are dubious at best.

  2. Obama is a classic example of the textbook definition for narcissism. He has surrounded himself with sycophants willing to sublimate their otherwise good sense for obedience to a person rather than to what is in the best interest of Americans.

    Liberals voted for Obama because they had succumbed to the erroneous belief that intellect alone was the end all in leadership. In retrospect Obama's intellect is now suspect as being manufactured and manipulated by those around him. All one has to do is watch and listen to Obama when he is off script/teleprompter. He stammers, stutters and just rambles on into incoherence.

    As interesting as the Republican primaries will be, and they really will be, it will be even more interesting to see if Hillary challenges Obama. I, for one, suspect that Diogenes is correct in that Hillary will emerge as the moderate competent adult in the Democrat party.

    I also enjoy the dynamic in play in the Democrat party. As the far left draws Obama even farther left, independents drop off. As moderates in the Democrat party attempt to move to the center, the far left tends to drop off and out on pure leftist ideological grounds.

    As I see it, the election in 2012 is for the Republicans to win or lose on their own. They have a bad habit of snatching defeat out of the jaws of certain victory.

  3. I agree, when all but the die-hard Hillary fans look at what a mess our foreign affairs are in due to this administration and with her as Secretary of State, Hillary has no chance. I just hope that the GOP puts up a decent challenger and no another RINO dhimmi dingus as they are fond of doing.

  4. Zilla.

    Unfortunately, Republicans have a habit of picking candidates by the "good ole boy" seniority system. Living in California, my vote in a presidential election under present voting restrictions, is worthless, as California is in a state of mass delusion. The ONLY reason I made the effort to vote for McCain in 2008 was due to Sarah Palin. I had seen her years before on C-Span when she was running for governor of Alaska. I was impressed by her understanding of Alaskan issues and her experience in regulating and working with oil companies doing business in Alaska.

    That said, I am not anxious to see Palin run for President. She is too polarizing. She is an excellent voice for conservative values and political positions and would do far better remaining an independent conservative voice to keep wayward Republicans on the reservation or RINO's out of the party. As an example, my mantra is, 'Retire Lindsay Graham in 2014". We don't need people like Graham representing himself as a conservative.

  5. I like that 'Change you can step in'. Saw another good one. It has a pic of obama on it and says 'Does this ass make my bumper look too big?'