Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CBS Refuses to Release Full Obama Donor Conversation.

By John Romano at YBH

"Last week Mark Knoller of CBS broke a seemingly big story. He released partial audio of President Obama talking to donors on a mic that was inadvertently “hot”. The tidbits CBS released were great. Chief among them was Mr. Obama calling some Federal employees “slugs” and his taking a much nastier tone with the GOP than he does in front of the cameras. The most famous, Obama asking his donors if the GOP thinks “we’re stupid”, was choice."

"However, CBS has not released the entire tape to the public or other media outlets. After several tweets by Yes,But,However! to Mr. Knoller as to why the full tape hasn’t been made public, he responded: “My editors decided against it.” Mr. Knoller offered to further explanation."


If the media continues to refuse to do it's job and question the motives, actions and words of our elected officials, they can not be taken seriously as a purveyor of truth and information. In this case, the same organization that never hesitated to report the public or private gaffs of other presidents, do on air reports on leaked national security secrets and air embarrassing moments of other politicians, now chooses to protect the president from his embarrassing and divisive comments about his supporters and opponents. Why the selective reporting?

Is it because the Obamabots in the media are afraid it will further damage the Child Emperor they played a large part in helping get elected, along with his chances of re-election. Are they afraid their access to the President will be restricted at the important campaign season if they don't play the game as expected? Or could it be the comments are so un-presidential they might be personally damaging to his image and/or relationships he is badly in need of? 

Unfortunately for us, it seems CBS News has decreed from their ivory tower, that we need not know. 

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  1. Once again the MSM is caught selectively withholding newsworthy facts that do not fit their liberal/regressive agenda in order to protect their prodigy in chief.

    This comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone politically right of center.

    It seems that CBS and the Obama administration are content to stonewall the facts of the event without further comment.

    It's up to bloggers such as you to keep the heat on this situation until such time as either CBS or Obama addresses it. Perhaps I'll have to write a commentary over at Capitalist Preservation to do my part in holding Obama accountable for his sleazy comments.

  2. Maybe they wont release the full tape because they are so in the tank for the son of a bitch. He is a train wreck when he goes off script/teleprompter. Uhh, duhh, uhhh...for Christ sake, this is soaring oratory from the grand exalted Constitutional Golfer of all time?
    Biden is the better speaker of the two, and I find listening to him to be coma inducing.
    How about an Obama/Biden duet? Let's see them recite the alphabet without Joe nodding off before 'E' and Barack not stammering how it's Bush's fault that there are way to many letters between 'A' and 'Z'.
    Back to you in the studio, Katie...

  3. Did you expect anything more from the MSM? I never really saw even these tidbits reported on...