Friday, May 20, 2011

Katie Couric multi Obamagasmic highlight reel

Shamelessly stolen from Will Profit @ Capitalist Preservation 
"Katie has lost her terminally ill gig at CBS as of today. Family and friends mourn the firing of the most blatant leftist cheer leader the mainstream media has inflicted upon the general public since...the disgraceful exit of her predecessor, Dan Rather, who stepped down after he reported (PUSHED and kept pushing) the patently false story regarding G. Bush's National Guard service.
Will anyone except Barack Obama notice Katie's departure from the anchorette throne?
Would anyone notice if CBS fired its entire "newstainment" division and used that time slot to air reruns of the old sitcom, "The Cosby Show."?
Cause as Katie said not to long ago, I'm paraphrasing but she honest to God let these words slip past her perkily idiotic lips "Maybe we need a Muslim version of the Cosby Show."
 Good by Katie, we hardly watched thee...and for good reason."


So to You Katie, a Classic Diogenes' Farewell.



  1. Katie swindled the moronic brass balled leftist monkey's of CBS out of $15 million a year in order to keep their stranglehold on last place intact.
    Mission accomplished.

  2. DS,


    Why couldn't you steal one of my op/eds at Capitalist Preservation? No, you had to go to the boss and suck up to him. He's difficult enough to deal with on a good day and now he will be absolutely insufferable to write for. I can already hear him crowing about this situation.

  3. Rob,
    You're fired.
    p.s. D.S. I'm not able to post comment with my Google ID. Snafu I guess.

  4. @Will, blogger has been acting an ass the past couple days....maybe the new Czar of Truth trying out his new digs.

    @ Robert, small currency stuffed in an envelopes and nice quarts of scotch will sooth any bosses attitude. Works with me.

    As for the post, I'm to much a gentleman to steal two post in one week.