Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Victory Lap is Over.... Now What?

The death of Osama Bin Laden and recent intelligence treasures being found on Bin Laden's captured computer hard drives gives the appearance we've struck a major blow to al Qaeda and international terrorism. Let's hope that's true. But when taken as part of the totality of the Middle East we may be looking at a vastly different and much more dangerous landscape soon.

If what the government is telling us is true, al Qaeda has split in half on religious grounds with a more radical factions ignoring Bin Laden's leadership. It looks to me as consistent with what we've seen in Egypt and Libya where more radical factions have pushed for the removal of less strident or weaker leaders.  Whether international terrorist groups are leading the charge or going with the flow is immaterial. The real issue is the further radicalization of the Middle East and its impact on the war on terrorism. Dealing a severe  blow to al Qaeda, or at least a portion of it, is a good thing, but if we leave it at that we're setting ourselves up for failure yet again. A failure larger and more deadly then 9/11.

Our fearless leader can do as many victory laps as he wants, no one is really impressed with his arrogance. But he's already come out supporting the forces in Egypt and Libya, both of whom have clear ties to radical Islam. 

Doesn't it bother anyone else how quickly the Obama Administration sided with these more radical elements in North Africa? It's not like they have hidden their agenda or their hatred of America. Yet, we're content to give them cover and let them do the dirty work in getting rid of corrupt leaders we no longer "need" in power. If they succeed, something will have to fill the vacuum and I don't think it's going to be filled by Muslims who want Walmarts or Starbucks everywhere much less peacefully co-existence with the civilized West.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief that Bin Laden sleeps with the fishes, but the war on terrorism isn't over by that one act.  And if recent history and the enemy's perceived incompetence and weakness of our present leadership are any indication, there is a bigger storm on the horizon, and we're not ready for it.


  1. Well, you just opened a can of worms! Barry will not be ready and when he loses in 2012, the dear lad may have to be admitted to a hospital for an emotional breakdown, since he never was the one to face reality.

    This afternoon, he gave another "if I had a dream speech" in Texas, to a cheering crowd (egads!) over his "Dream Immigration" plan. So much for any further notice of what's happening in the Middle East or on the "front", for it's on to campaigning. I do have one question: Can illegals vote?! HA HA HA

  2. Obama's appearance in Texas and his hysterical rant on Republican opposition to the Dream Immigration Act was the nadir of any presidential speech that I can ever remember. His mocking of the Republican party leaves me without words to describe just how low a politician can get, let alone the President of the United States. This was sleazy Chicago style politics at its lowest point.

  3. I read the wire stories of his speech. Un F**kin believable his guy is president!

  4. Whatever you may think of George W. Bush, one thing is certain. GWB was a gentleman and never stooped to such low life commentary as did Obama in his El Paso speech. Obama's comments were crude, crass and completely lacked the civility that he pompously pronounced for all others to exercise. The man is a supreme hypocrite among his many other personality disorders.

  5. In a blatant act of self promotion, see my expanded comments on this topic over at capitalistpreservation.com today. It has the video of Obama reaching into the gutter to slam Republicans for their supposed lack of immigration policy initiatives.