Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finally, Someone Speaks the Truth on MSNBC

"OMG, Did You Hear Mark Halperin Like Literally Called Barack Obama a Dick?"

Obama Supporter
Peppermint Jones
OMG! Did you guys see Morning Joe this morning? O.K., it was amazing. Like, literally amazing. Mark—you remember Mark? Mark Halperin? He’s kind of like, has brown hair and smiles sometimes? He’s friends with your annoying friend from college?—whatever, anyway, so Mark was talking to Joe, Joe Scarborough, and Joe was like, “Mark, what’s up with Barack Obama acting so cool and important at yesterday’s press conference. Obama was, like, telling the Republicans what to do?"

"Like, did you think that was uncool, and sort of lame?”

And like, all Mark had to do was agree, and be, like, “Yeah, totally, but whatever,” and that would have been that. There was no reason to make a thing of it. But you know Mark—or maybe you don’t? It doesn’t matter—so, of course, he went completely overboard by being, like, “I thought he was kind of a dick yesterday.” Literally, he just like said that. Swear to God, literally. And everyone was like, !!  

Get the Scoop here: The Hill


  1. Occasionally a leftist will let the truth slip by. And when they do the rest are shocked and appalled.

  2. If Halpern revealed his own true feelings on Obama, can you imagine how many others, who are less strident liberals, must be thinking of Obama's poor performance to date?

    Pretty soon Obams's nickname will be Rock, as in dropping like a rock in the polling numbers.

  3. Guys, I couldn't agree more with your sentiments. I would really like to be a fly on the potatoe salads of some liberal's independence day picnics. I would love to hear what they are gonna say!