Monday, November 14, 2011

Born to be Fabulous.......

Scenes from the upcoming movie: 
President  Obama and Sgt. Krotch announce to the nation
a fabulously successful secret "Pink Ops" raid
on an illegally importing French Fashion House.

Pfc.Dufus (Anderson Cooper) in full battle drag.
Sorry, but we won't show what's going on below the 
bottom of the frame.



  1. You're one crazy MoFo, man
    This is hilarous!

  2. It'll be a crime if you don't win the Oscar for best original screenplay.

    My favorite moment from the movie?

    The scene in which Barney Frank bitch slaps Anderson Cooper and tells him, "Be a man."

    It made me laugh. It made me cry.

  3. I gave it ***** Stars. But than again, I'm stupid!
    Roger Ebert

  4. Thank You for your review Mr. Ebert.
    And yes, I agree, you are stupid!