Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Lady Helps Boost Lingerie Sales

The Telegraph  - Michelle Obama – better known for shopping at more modestly-priced High Street stores – along with the Queen of Qatar, Sheikha Mozah, closed off part of Madison Avenue to spend time in the luxury lingerie shop. Their purchases contributed to a market-spanking 12.5% lift in sales.

Agent Provocateur, which is styled on vintage Hollywood glamour, sells handmade Calais lace corsets that sell for up to £900 ($1400) which could ruffle the feathers of more than just President Barack Obama in an election year.....


$50,000 in one shopping spree? Must have been paying by the inch....

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  1. When you are at the pinnacle of the American political aristocracy you can let the common folks eat cake, while you splurge extravagantly on underwear. Amazing that the First Lady could be so out of touch with the political reality of the 2012 presidential campaign. Keep it up Moochie. It can only give Obama opponents more ammunition.

  2. Gee. I can't eat cake; our tiny bakery went out of business last year. Marie Antoinette spent little time with books and my guess is Michele is too busy spending to read a book! $50,000.00!! Need to make a list of what I could do with that petty cash ... :)