Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fuzzy Takes to Her Blackboard

Fuzzy Slippers has taken on the monumental task of explaining one aspect of the twisted thinking by our friends on the left in a series she's calling Top 5 Lies Leftists Believe About Conservatives. This series should be well worth the read.
Here is the Introduction to first installment - Lie #5 
"We often hear that we need to have a “national dialogue” about this issue or that, or we hear that the goal of political discourse is “compromise.” But as the ideological, socio-cultural, and political divides in this nation become more stark, I wonder if such a dialogue and/or discourse is possible . . . or even desirable. How do you have a conversation (much less a “conversation as a nation”) with someone who not only doesn’t accept any viewpoint but their own but who also is utterly incapable of even comprehending your stance? Someone who willfully misunderstands it often simply to further their own ends?"
 "There are so many things that leftists get wrong about conservatives that it was truly difficult to pick the top five [note: I'd intended to put them all in this post, but as usual, I just went on and on, so am breaking it up into five separate posts, a series if you will]. I decided to select them based on the weight of their contribution to our inability to “work with” and/or “compromise with” leftists and on their relative import to the preservation of our Constitutional Republic (it should be noted, that trying to converse and compromise with someone who doesn't even share your goal is an exercise in futility.)"
#5. Conservatives are fascists.............Keep  Reading


  1. That's good stuff.
    D, I hope you link the rest of the series so we won't forget to check them out.

  2. Oh, I plan on it, Boop. But you can do the booky mark thingy and read her anytime.......