Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Vintage Media Nonsense

Media (and campaign communications) Malpractice
This article is another bit of proof that reporters either don't get it or they're part of an obfuscation team. Here's the title to the article:
"The bubble wars: Obama and Romney battle over who is “out of touch”
It goes downhill after that:
"One way to think about the 2012 presidential campaign is as a battle between two houses: Barack Obama’s White House and Mitt Romney’s San Diego house. The Romney campaign would like to make Obama a prisoner to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., turning every perk and privilege of the presidency into a sign that he is far removed from the people he is supposed to lead, especially anyone struggling in this economy. “Years of flying around on Air Force One, surrounded by an adoring staff of true believers telling you what a great job you are doing, well, that might be enough to make you a little out of touch,” said Mitt Romney after his Wisconsin primary victory.
The Obama campaign has a similar idea. They would like you to think of Mitt Romney as a man so encased in wealth that he can afford esoteric luxuries like the new car elevator planned for his San Diego home. (At Obama headquarters, they’ve named the elevators Romney 1 and 2 for each of his wife’s Cadillacs.) “Gov. Romney calls the president out of touch,” Joe Biden said last week in his dual role as attack dog and envoy to The Everyman. “Hey, how many of y’all have a Swiss bank account? How many of you have somewhere between $20 and $100 million in your [retirement account]?”
Let’s settle this ASAP. Neither man is a man of the people. They both have their vulnerabilities with ‘out-of-touch’ voters. Then again, I don't care about the images war.

This is an open-and-shut case. Obama’s economic policies have been a total disaster. If I was paid $50 for each time the President or his on-staff spinmeisters or the media talked about the economy “turning the corner,” I’d be a millionaire.

The thing is that if you’re constantly “turning the corner”, you’re going in circles.

Job growth has been, putting it politely, inconsistent at best. Economic growth has been anemic well after the recession ended. Without consistent, strong GDP growth, the economy will never truly recover.

You’re in trouble if your campaign slogan is ‘Stick with me; the economy might recover.”

Obama has proven that he’s wedded to the failed economic policies of socialism. He’s an anti-capitalist. What’s worse is that he’s shown a propensity for making ideology-driven decisions rather than doing what’s right for the nation.

Mitt can reassure undecided voters that he’s the right man for the job by using his stump speeches to explain why Obama’s policies have failed or when his policies have succeeded in the past. Presidential elections are about, at least partially, who does the best job of assuring voters that they’re the right man for the job. The sooner Mitt’s campaign focuses on that rather than on tit-for-tat communications, the quicker this race will be decided. 

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