Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare: What is it going to cost you....

What does the Supreme Court's health-care ruling mean for You?

Answer the questions to see how your coverage might be affected.

.....and then double it, you might be in the ballpark!



  1. Doesn't matter what I put in the form, I get the same rainbow-sunshine-magic-unicorn-love being blown up my ass.

    If you're self employed you pay 13.3% social security, 2.9% medicare, estimated taxes (let's be low and say:) 15%. After all that, whether you can afford it or not, you will be buying health insurance; or paying a penalty. Health insurance for the wife and me runs $1300 a month. That's enough to sink a LOT of small businesses.

    I know this because I am a small business.

  2. Well I remember a surgery I had in 1966, and that gal was my nurse, well except she was bigger and black. :)

    Okay I am on Medicare and retired. I see this as a big lose/lose situation for me. Everything that our government has done in the past few years has put the screws to me. Now Medicare will be gutted which in the end will raise healthcare costs for me or my Doctors will no longer see me. I have secondary insurance at present but I am not sure what OblowmeCare will do to that. What Sarah Palin said about Death Panels is very much true and pretty damn scary. We have now become the country that we fought a Revolutionary War to gain independence from :(

  3. Oh Nurse .... oh never mind. I'll just take an aspirin for my severed leg. After all, isn't that what Doctor Obama prescribes.

  4. you're all is big fur hat