Friday, June 22, 2012

Obama's Next Political Ploy

Gay Marriage, Immunity for Illegals.....
Next Up: Mortgage Debt Ploy.
Diogenes - Friday 6/22
If Obama can declare immunity for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens he can also unilaterally order the broad refinancing of mortgages on millions of “underwater” homeowners, including those people given taxpayer backed loans they could not afford in the first place.
The New York Times’ Paul Krugman told the liberal “Take Back the American Dream” conference on Tuesday:
"One of the benefits of such a move, would be some additional economic activity at a time when the economy is sluggish. But another benefit is clearly political and could provide the votes Obama needs to be re-elected."
This from the World Tribune:
"A big theme of the conference was that Obama’s recent grant of amnesty to an estimated one million illegal aliens was because of pressure from progressive activists and that Obama will use his presidential power to act on mortgage debt relief or forgiveness if liberals take to the streets."
"New liberal groups are emerging on a regular basis to provide Obama with the political cover for taking this unprecedented and extraordinary action. The Home Defenders League has been formed to fight foreclosures and evictions and publicize the campaign. Another, the New Bottom Line, is run by veteran Soros operative Tracy Van Slyke."
"But concern about the taxpayers or the homeowners who are paying their mortgages was not in evidence at the progressive conference, which is searching for a new class of victims/voters to function as a constituency for Obama’s re-election effort. These activists also want a scapegoat, in addition to Wall Street and the banks......" 
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