Wednesday, September 26, 2012

He has become Obamandias

By Rosemary L.

Obama may have, quite bizarrely, won the Nobel Peace Prize – but the truth is that American nobility now lies in pieces on the ground.

Some are suggesting the attacks on American Embassy in Libya and the hate filled streets demonstrations in Egypt are the fault of Barack Obama – but nobody can avoid saying that last week’s tragedies are symptomatic of the abject failure of Obama’s foreign policies not just in northern Africa but around the globe.

Because of Barack Obama, the United States most important and traditional alliances are frayed, our iffy relationships have not improved and our adversaries are no less adversarial. Worse, all three groups seem to respect us less, and those evil regimes that once feared us now seem to hold us nearly in contempt.

Never has the United States been less associated in foreign minds with human rights – not after Obama watched impassively as Iran murdered its citizens in the streets, as Syria does the same and as Moammar Ghadafi did for weeks in Libya itself until Obama finally decided whose side he was on.

Obama also repeatedly has failed to stand up for religious liberty around the world, especially for Christian Copts. (The one exception is that Obama always goes out of his way to kowtow to Islam, even going so far as to make Islamic suck-up a prime mission for NASA. Not that it has done him or us any good, as last week’s events demonstrate.)

Liberal human rights advocates presume an opposition between human rights and American military strength (although Ronald Reagan merged the two very well), but Obama has pulled off the neat feat of downgrading human rights and American might at the same time.  Our mission in Afghanistan is ill-defined and increasingly confused. We left Iraq ignominiously before reaching agreement with the Iraqi government on policing issues – and now Iraq is hurdling towards either civil unrest or horrid repression.

Russia and China repeatedly snub their noses at us, as if our objections to their behavior are utterly inconsequential. Latin American radicals like Ecuador’s Correa and Venezuela’s Chavez still spew anti-American hate, despite all of Obama’s hapless “outreach” to the supposedly dispossessed of the world. And, of course, the “Arab Spring” sure as hell isn’t flowing the way the Muslim-friendly Obama wanted, as is evident in the embassy attacks last week. Even as he bows and kisses their rings, they still show contempt for everything American.

Meanwhile, our allies are left deprived . Obama has treated Poland incredibly shabbily; he effectively insulted Great Britain by returning Churchill’s bust and insulted the queen by “gifting” her with a mere iPod of his own (!!!) speeches. Eastern Europe as a whole begs for our friendship, but gets the back of Obama’s hand. Even Mexico feels slighted, as indicated by a scathing statement from the Mexican ambassador with regard to the Obama-Holder Fast and Furious gun-running scandal.

All of which begs the question: Where are American interests better off than they were four years ago?

It would be a challenge for any serious observer to name a single significant country or area of the globe where the United States is now stronger than before Obama began Occupying the Oval Office. Yet, many places exist where American interests are now much weaker. His self-referential monuments of words lie weakened and worn out. His apology tour has achieved nothing for the United States but disdain. He refuses to meet with world leaders at the U.N. 

He has become Obamandias, his sneer of cold command looking over ruins



  1. There's not much anyone can add to that. Obama has made the United States a laughing stock around the world, a thing that has never been done to America. We have been the envy of the World but never a joke. Yet millions will still vote for this inept, incompetent come November. I don't find it hard to believe as Hitler brainwashed the masses in Germany the same way in the 1930s. I suppose there will always be a segment of humanity that is very akin to sheep.

  2. The statement by Morsi of Egypt the other day denying that the United States was an ally of Egypt was a very clear message as to how the Brotherhood views us and our weak-kneed president. Obama seems intent on proving that he can, indeed, outperform Jimmy Carter for utter incompetence.

  3. Liberals feel guilty about us being a great super power. They are doing their best to end that. Then the world will be peaches and cream, and everyone will love us.