Monday, September 24, 2012

Islam and Counterparts on the Political Left

Dr. Sanity

"Americans apparently are not permitted, even in our supposedly free society, to say anything nasty about Islam, Mohammed or Allah. On the other hand, it goes without saying that Christianity, Jesus and God are fair game for attack.
Americans are not permitted to question how peaceful Islam is--even when hordes of its adherents appear to believe that it is not only "OK" to kill innocents in the name of their vicious god, it is a moral imperative to do so.
And, Americans, at least, no longer have to wait for CAIR or other "peaceful" Muslim advocacy groups (it's in quotes because the juxtaposition of "peaceful" and "Muslim" is oxymoronic) to file the appropriate complaint with the appropriate politically correct organization in the oh so politically correct Obama administration--We have a President and a Justice Department who will do it for them!
Can a UN Resolution denouncing blasphemy against Islam be far behind? And, why wouldn't Obama and his UN mouthpiece Susan Rice (who beclowned herself on all the networks recently) support such a resolution in solidarity with the "peaceful" nations of Islam who are demanding that this happen, even as they persecute Christians and Jews and any other religious beliefs in their own countries, cites and homes.
As the late Christopher Hitchens noted "The useless and meaningless term Islamophobia, now widely used as a bludgeon of moral blackmail, is testimony to the effectiveness of all of the horrific violence and intimidation, including public beheadings" done in the name of Islam's god.
 The truth is that "Islamophobia" is not a phobia at all......"
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  1. I finished Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Infidel the other day and am about half way through her second book Nomad. I am sure there are as many fatwas out their demanding her death as Salman Rushdie. Her straight-forward condemnation of Islam is so rational, so grounded in real life experience, and so beautifully framed in her writing that anyone except a Liberal would find her arguments irrefutable. There is nothing beautiful in Islam, no great wisdom, no humanity. It is a poorly done plagiarizing of the Hebrew Bible mixed in with the rantings of a pedophile mixed with the primitive traditions of desert nomads. It appeals to primitive people devoid of any sense of modernity because it reinforces misogynistic ideas and justifies the most violent and savage impulses. We are always shown the beauty of the Alhambra and other elements of the Saracen culture to justify the glories of Islam. They were relatively short lived to be replaced by the pure Arab culture that dominates most of Islam now. There is nothing poetic or beautiful in its modern incarnation.