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What We Saw At The DNC...

Matthew N.

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It's finally over. The great big jamboree for the preternaturally stupid, the aging hippies, the Welfare Pimps, and the Professional Poor and Aggrieved is done. The City of Charlotte can now relax, even if it will take several days from the cloud of pot smoke and the aroma of bullshit to dissipate upon the eight winds. The moans and groans that I have heard over the last few days from those friends who live in my adopted Second City were the sort one usually only associates with someone dying of a very painful, and terminal, disease.

The people of Charlotte are damned happy this morning to have this three-ring circus, this travelling bordello of politics, this concentration of the worst elements of American society, finally gone.

I watched a great deal of the coverage of the DNC, mostly because I was interested to see what new form of as-yet-unidentified mental disorder they managed to invent, and then turn into a campaign rally cry. I was quite disappointed, to tell the truth, for the most obvious mental deficiencies on display were plain, old, garden-variety denial and pathological lying.

These people do not inhabit the same reality as the rest of us, and you get the distinct impression that some of them actually realize that their comrades are in this state of hallucination, but they must -- probably because there's a paycheck in it for them -- pretend to play along, and if the pretenders are at least halfway decent folks to begin with, the deceit shows all too readily on their faces. The faces they have to glue on before the television cameras while their mouths tell you complete lies, and their eyes betray the fact that even they don't believe a word they're saying..

The only thing that came out this confab of douchebags in Charlotte was more of the same, only with lessened expectations. I guess a certain someone has learned his lesson about making promises he either couldn't, wouldn't, or had the foggiest idea of how, keep.

 Here's a synopsis of the last couple of days of the DNC:

1. Barack Obama: The most-anticipated speech of the year. It sucked. Hard. It was mostly remarkable for what it didn't say, which is to say that it would have been remarkable had there been any truth in it. Instead, we got a typical, Obama speech, which was a compilation of all the greatest hits from all the old speeches the Smart White Guys wrote for him, delivered with a slightly-lower temperature (there's that lowered expectations thing, again), with enough straw men to keep a legion of crows out of your cornfield for the next 400 years.

There was a little bragging, sure. There always is with Obama, because that's all he can really do; trash talk. See, if Obama has proven anything in these last four years it is that he doesn't actually DO. He just TALKS about doing, and then lets his underlings, or Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid, do whatever they believe they need to do, and then he writes his name on it. He takes no personal interest in much of anything once the words have been uttered, and this, consequently, is why Barack Obama cannot even explain what his administration has accomplished, why it's been done, what it plans to do in the future, and why he should be re-elected...except that he's black, and that Mitt Romney's elevation would entail the worst off all things: a Washington, D.C. where Libtards would be jostled away from the trough.

I mean, if that happened, what is a small-scale community organizing outfit supposed to do for cash? Hold car washes and fundraisers? How will Planned Parenthood survive? Wouldn't that mean that Al Sharpton, Sandra Fluke, the Code Pink retards, the smelly hippies of Occupy _______, might have to start thinking about alternate revenue streams? Might they even, gasp!, have to resort to market capitalism to earn their daily bread?

The anticipation over Obama's speech was entirely wasted, in a real sense, because it was Same Old-Same Old, and even at that, the obviously lowered expectations thing made it more like Lame Old-Lame Old. But then again, what did you expect? This is Barack Obama, the great deceiver, after all. This is the man who has risen to prominence on the strengths of Affirmative Action, two ghostwritten-and-completely-fabricated autobiographies, racial grievance, and by taking advantage of s stupid electorate. Did we expect that sort of man to be able to stand before his own party's convention and have a long laundry list of stupendous achievements to regale the crowd with?

Hell no. Quite frankly, I'm of the mind that Barack Obama's greatest success from the day he was elected right up until that speech probably entailed a heavy lunch, a porcelain bowl with a convenient seat in it, and a roll of thin, but very soft, paper, and the entire exercise was gloriously capped by the Secret Service agent who gently had to remind Dear Leader, yet again, to wash his hands before he left the Sandbox.

Barack Obama will not be re-elected. He knows it. The confusion at the DNC over party platform (who is really running that whorehouse, one wonders), the overdone rhetoric and manufactured enthusiasm of the speakers, the agonizingly obvious attempts to pander to those few remaining support groups of blacks, illegal aliens, and shameless sluts who won't use condoms if they have to pay for them, are all reflections of this fact. For Obama, this election is not about winning so much as it is about perhaps being lucky enough(so long as Rahm and Dailey come through on the vote fraud thing) to be able to squeak one out. After all, that's been the Obama hallmark for all these years, hasn't it?

Squeaking one out has been Obama's stock in trade at Occidental, Columbia, Harvard Law Review, the Illinois Statehouse, the U.S. Senate, and now the White House. He simply hopes to be able to squeak by on his charisma, his racial background, and his (written by other people and stuffed into a teleprompter) rhetoric. About the only thing Barack Obama has accomplished in the last four years that is noteworthy is that he's proven that he at least has the ability to read.

Take that, Rick Perry!

The sooner this disaster leaves the public stage, the sooner we can get back to running the country the way it needs to be run, with the adults in charge. If Barack Obama is lucky, when his term of office is over, he'll be able to join Vince Offer selling Shtickies and Sham-Wows on television.

2. Bill Clinton: ah, you just knew this was coming. I don't think Bill Clinton did Barack Obama any favors with his seemingly seventeen hour speech that was yet one more opportunity for Bill to remind you of what a rock star he was. Oh, he did, of course, give President Odouchebag his props, but much like Obama's acceptance speech, Clinton's praise of the Commander-in-Chump was muted. It was the sort of praise one might give a retarded child who has managed to do something without drooling, for once.

I'll summarize Clinton's speech for you here:

Me, Me, Me, Me, I, My, Me, I,I, Hillary...Me, Me, Me, I, Me, Mine, I, My, Barack Obama at least didn't shit on the White House carpet, Me, Me, Me. Oh, and Mitt Romney is a doo-doo-head, too, Me, Me, Mine, My, Hillary, Me, Me, Me...

I guess this means Hillary is running in 2016, and Barack Obama's presence anywhere near her campaign will not be required?

Clinton ate Obama's lunch on what should have been Obama's Biggest Stage (despite the fact that they had to put it in a smaller venue for lack of interest).

The Won is indeed fortunate that Hillary did not try to run against him for the nomination. Mostly she hasn't done so, I surmise, because the Clinton strategy has always been thus: follow a successful republican, claim that their success is largely illusory, then claim it as your own after you manage to fleece enough rubes to get elected. Then break the law with reckless abandon in the exercise of power. It worked so well for Billy Jeff after 12 years of Reagan-Bush I, a peace dividend bequeathed by the end of the Cold War, an emerging technological revolution, and a compliant Peter Jennings who shit all over Bush every night.

Poor Barry Soetoro. He must depend upon Bill Clinton, the guy he called a racist, the guy who's legacy he's been invoking and claiming as his own, to save his sorry ass in the full knowledge that having Clinton in that position is the most dangerous thing in the world. For Bill Clinton is a sociopath who lives for the opportunity to stick the big, throbbing (allegedly bent) purple shaft to whomever he can. Barry just had to bend over, big time, and take one in the Poop Chute without lube. This Obama guy slays me: he's like a lost lamb in an abattoir when it comes to dealing with the likes of a Clinton.

Remind me: how did we get this Obama Douchebag again? Oh, right: it's because we let the entirely wrong sorts of people vote in this country, and for some reason, we take those retards and their petty concerns seriously.

As an aide, I got ten bucks that Clinton hit on Sandra Fluke because he knows she likes it bareback.

3. The Convention itself is something one would expect from Orwell's 1984. It even has it's own Two Minute Hate-theme, which largely revolves around the out-of-power-for-four-fuckin'-years-already George W. Bush. Remember the days when Top 40 radio would play a song seventy times a day, and you heard it so often that you could swear that just one more play would would make your ears bleed? That's what the George W. Bush bashing in Charlotte reminds me of. It's the constant repetition of a theme that has rapidly become shop worn and threadbare, which might still excite a few of the truly committed, but by virtue of it's omnipresence, has turned the rest of the world off.

It sounded good once, but it quickly became dated, lame, gay, square, pointless, stylistically obsolete, there's something newer and shinier on the horizon, and the rubes will flock that way readily because they're tired of Brand X.

It's Cindy Lauper, all over again.

And speaking of Cindy, I'm shocked...shocked...that she wasn't included in the long, distinguished list of F-list celebrities who showed up for...who the fuck knows. I mean even Newman from Seinfeld got invited!

When we weren't treated to celebrities no one gives a shit about, we were treated to standard democratic (small 'd' intentional) boilerplate for 72 hours: the usual assortment of racial arsonists were there in force, the Gay Advocates (and I must say, this year they truly were tastefully dressed) showed up to demand the right to assfuck a government-subsidized water buffalo, the fading remnants of the 1960's radicals showed maybe for the free pot, because otherwise they still don't make any sense or serve any obvious purpose.

The democratic (small 'd' intentional) party rolled out it's Galaxy Of Stars, and it reminded me of one of those second-rate rock n' roll shows, the ones where you get to see the one-hit wonders of 30 years ago (now all bald, with massive rolls of belly fat, and that I-just-got-out-of-rehab-again look) play, badly, the one song that made them distinctive for about three weeks in the summer of '72, and it makes you both sad, and giddy with laughter, simultaneously.

It's like, who are you fooling? You clobber the GOP for pandering to Hispanics and then roll out several score of your own, including a set of identical twins, none of whom has anything of substance to say that doesn't start and end with the idea that Amnesty for 16 million criminals is a good thing? You talk all about values, and yet you parade a cavalcade of nonentities who preach nothing but dependence on government, the virtues of the Welfare State, who denigrate honest work and success? You talk about wholesome American values and then beatify Ted Fuckin' Kennedy? You scream about inclusiveness and Diversity, and then engage in an unnecessary platform fight over the word 'God' (to placate the Atheists), and which, with a classic whiff of Leftoid anti-Semitism, removes support of a Jewish State with Jerusalem as it's capital (because you need to shore up that Arab vote in in-play Michigan). And then you reverse yourself in a process that was transparently rigged, and pretend nothing happened?

Are you people stupid, or merely insane?

The bulk of the speaker's list for the DNC in 2012 was nothing short of a list of the same old professional beggars the party has trotted out for the last 40 years, with a few new professional grievance mongers thrown in on the off-chance that one of these complaints might grow into a minor wedge issue to pry a few more votes off the margin.

That convention was Orwell's Doublethink in action.

4. It was good to see that the Congressional Black Caucus can still manage to muster up the courage to make speeches in public that are a reflection of the mass psychosis and logical paralysis that apparently fills a goodly number of African-American minds. Watching the likes of Emmanuel Cleaver give speeches in an anachronistic style with dated language and subject matter was akin to watching a training video on the most common Mental Illnesses to be found in a Prison Syphilis Ward.

The democratic party has brought us nothing but All Racism All the Time for the last 4-plus years, whether it is Michelle Obama's infamous "I'm finally proud of my country..." babble, the insistence that opposition to Obama policies is rank racism, Trayvon Martin, the Gates kerfuffle, to constant comparison of the Tea Party to the Klan, Biden's "put y'all back in chains", the refusal to prosecute the Black Panthers for Civil Rights violations, Eric Holder's 'racial cowards' comments, John Lewis' reminiscence about being beaten, fake spitting incidents, this Administration has been nothing if not a recitation of a laundry list of make-believe racism and racial grievance.

I'd ask if such people would be ashamed to deign to talk about the subject from a position of moral authority given that sort of track record, but the answer is painfully obvious; they're shameless. They wear their racism as a badge of courage, and insist that the only way to redress a sordid racial past is a carefully-constructed program of legal reverse discrimination and expropriation that, if past history is any indication, never ever works, and only leaves the supposed beneficiaries in worse shape -- politically, morally, economically, educationally -- than they were before.

If Hitler had managed to do to the Jews what the likes of the democratic party, NAACP and CBC have so effectively done to American Blacks, there would never have been a need for Auschwitz, and no one would ever have been convicted of a War Crime at Nuremberg.

Contrast the black faces you saw at the DNC with those you saw that the GOP convention: the GOP's blacks were all rational folks, achievers, who didn't complain about what they didn't get or what they didn't have, and who never expected to rise by virtue of tearing others down. If you were Black, and you were presented with an either-or choice, and you had at least an ounce of personal pride and a shred of dignity, which side do you think you'd follow; the one that cries about Progress while it romantically clings to the painful past (because that's where it's money comes from), or the one that tells you that your fate is entirely in your hands if you'll only do something with your life.

Now, some personalities and speeches:

Jimmy Carter - must be the happiest man on Planet Earth this day, for after Barack Obama's incredible tour du wimp, half-begging speech last night, we may have, finally, found someone less-competent, less-attuned, less-effective than he. Carter's sorry fate was to be remembered as the worst President of the Greatest Country, and he has, thankfully, been spared that dreadful predicament by the democratic party's own stupidity.

The stupidity was evident when the party passed on Hillary Clinton; it was reinforced when it followed Obama over the cliff on Healthcare and Stimulus; it has been it's default position for the last four years, that is, when it isn't outright lying. I've said it many times before on this page (and who knew Paul Ryan was reading the Asylum?):

Barack Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Pericles of Athens.

Michelle Obama - to be fair to the First lady, she did give a helluva speech, Better than her husband's, by far, especially in the delivery, but the entire thing was contrived, phony, and left me wondering what sort of drugs they hand out at the Convention, because you had to be on drugs (or paid handsomely) to give this one any applause.

This woman is the worst that Liberalism has to offer, on the same tier -- almost -- with Hillary Clinton. She is an imperial snob, with streaks of mean and racist both five miles wide. When this shrill, obnoxious, shrieking, monotonous, cast-iron cunt in a designer dress finally exits the national stage, you will hear a great sigh of relief from all corners of the country.

That speech, despite it's technical merits and excellent delivery, was a complete fantasy (except the part about Obama being a good father and being home for dinner; that I believe, because I think he is a good family man, and also, because family time means another excuse to skip work). Otherwise, it was obvious that this speech was specifically tailored to be the anti-Ann Romney paean to the Husband that may have won Mitt the goddamned election in 60-odd days, and it's fake, contrived qualities are apparent to all by the most committed Kool-Aid drinkers.

John Kerry - I wonder, who dug the Senator up, put fresh batteries in him, and then sent him out to refight the 2004 election and Vietnam War, with the same rhetoric? How is it that this total loser, who's only talent is for marrying the rich widows of his friends, manage to get a prime speaking gig at the DNC, when he is totally and completely irrelevant? Oh right. Tereza probably bought him some mike time...

If you had forgotten just why John Kerry was a bad presidential candidate, you got a painful reminder during his speech. It's a sad commentary when you look back on Kerry's career, and remember that the highlight of it all was John Edwards saying "lesbian" to Dick Cheney eight times on national television.

Cory Booker - Talk about puttin' y'all back in chains! I have a great deal of respect for the Mayor of Newark, who, by all accounts is a straight-shooter, and a stand-up guy (heck, he fights crime and saves people from burning buildings, when he isn't shoveling blizzard snow for his neighbors. All that's missing is the goddamned cape), and so it was a shame to see what the Obama campaign did to Booker in the months prior to the convention when Booker intimated that attacking Bain Capital was perhaps a stupid thing to do.

Booker was quickly reeled in, and brought back onto the plantation...err...reservation. He has been sufficiently chastised, by which I mean he's been told just who the fuck butters his bread and why he should keep his mouth shut, and then he was sent out to repudiate his own statements, in public, just so the Obamatards could keep the Bain Bullet in their shrinking arsenal of Anti-Romney weapons.

It is yet another example of how the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party often eats it's own for short-term political advantage...or at least what it thinks is a short-term political advantage. Cory Booker may one day be Governor of New Jersey (and as a republican, I'd be mostly okay with that, because the guy at least has character) and a power-broker in his own right, which is probably why they threw him a bone and gave him the podium for a bit.

And because Booker is still stinging from the last beating he took from Axelrod/Cutter/Plouffe, he was restrained and stayed on script, which was to lie through is teeth that Barack Obama was still fit to be dog catcher in a town full of cats.

I almost feel sorry for Booker.

Rahm Emanuel - If you ever needed a visual example of just what pond scum looks like, then you got it when this asshole took the stage. This is the latter-day Al Capone of politics, who hides behind a tough exterior and language, and a contrived crazy persona, to compensate for the fact that he has a very small penis, and that his mother made him take ballet classes.

If I were to be left alone with Rahm Emanuel, I would kick the living daylights out of him and then piss on his bleeding, writhing, fetal-position body as it lay on the ground, and there isn't a court in the world that would convict me, for he is that vile a human being. He is Darth Vader to Obama's pantywaist Luke Skywalker, he is Chicago's Hitler, the democratic party's Genghis Khan, a miserable, despicable waste of gametes.

Who cares what the fuck he actually said: his very presence on that stage should make you stop and consider whether or not the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party really believes in the concepts of freedom, liberty, equality and American Values, or whether it isn't just a bunch of petty criminals and tyrants given their head.

The world would be a better place if, tomorrow, Rahm Emanuel were to have an unfortunate accident involving a large dose of comeuppance. For example, if he should require a transfusion of a very rare blood type, and not a single soul should step forward to donate any.

We do not advocate that anyone actually harm Mr. Emanuel, but we would understand...

Kal Penn/Eva Longoria - glad to see the democratic party has pinned it's hopes to Kumar. I wonder what genius came up with this idea that sending out the Hollywood junior varsity was a great way to get Obama re-elected, and whether or not that towering intellect got her (it was probably a her) job the old fashioned way...she blew someone fat, bald and ugly, and compensated for her shame and disgust by calling the entire project "empowering experience" in true Feminist fashion.

She'll probably be the casting director for Sesame Street any day now.

I've never held with the idea that because a 'celebrity' endorses a particular candidate or policy that this was all the proof I needed to believe that the politician or policy was a good thing. Unfortunately, it would appear as if the democratic party is chock full of complete retards who will do anything because Kal Penn said it was a good thing to do, or because Eva Longoria (who for I know is dumber than a sack of hammers) said it was.

But apparently a great mass of American Voters is this shallow, and stupid, and because the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party is nothing if not sensitive to the needs of the truly dense; it's willing to embarrass itself with the thinking public in order to scrape up a few extra votes from the retards.

The Castro Twins, Villaraigosa, et. al. - I've already touched on this above, but it bears repeating. The dialectic goes like this: When the GOP trots out an Hispanic face and surname, it's pandering, or in a perverse way, some form of veiled racism. When the democratic party trots out the same, it's an example of how "diverse" and "inclusive" they are.

This difference in presentation and political spin stems, in large part, from the fact that the democrats are seeking the votes of a very specific group of Hispanics, i.e. those who will depend upon unchecked illegal immigration, welfare and vote fraud in order to better their lives in America, rather than the traditional means of education, hard work, and honesty. The first kind of Hispanic -- the ward of the state -- is a necessary thing in order to keep the entire edifice of government bureaucracy alive, thus employing tens of thousands of people who could barely otherwise read at a second grade level, i.e. public sector union employees, who will continue to vote democrat and put billions into party coffers.

Where the GOP offers Hispanics a chance to improve their lives for their own benefit, the DNC just offered them a chance to enslave themselves to a federal Government that wants to keep them down so as to justify both it's own existence, and the oppressive and extractive police state that will be needed to pay for it. What the democratic party did for African-Americans, it would love to do for spades (no pun intended).

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Three days of nothing but sheer negativity, psychotic anger, over-the-top nasty invective, snarky condemnation, menstrual, Maureen-Dowd-on-speed-like obloquy, all of it spiced with lies, slick marketing, a few celebrities, aided and abetted by a compliant press.

I've just wasted three days of my life that I will never, ever get back, because it seems I knew what would happen, what would be said, before any of it ever transpired. It appears that I was largely correct, in retrospect, and should have found a more-productive use for my time, like taking a massive shit, or watching the moss grow on the tress in the front yard. But, there was one useful nugget to be gleaned from the whole experience:

Should this next election see Obama defeated by a Bush-like, razor-thin margin, expect violence in the streets, because it was made dreadfully obvious that these people are completely unhinged, and lacking in all moral character. Those are the only messages they managed to deliver.

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