Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Diogenes' Brief History of Electoral College Presidential Contest

These are the Electoral College Presidential Election maps going back to 1972, all from the American Presidency Project. Hitting the link above each map will take you to a detailed analysis of each election, a tally of the Electoral College votes allocated to each state at the time, plus a state-by-state vote total and other trivia. 

1972  In the early 1970s, the left wing (i.e.Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, George McGovern) had gained control of the Democrat party, but America wasn't buying it back in those days. Sitting President Richard Nixon was reelected with 520 Electoral votes (60% popular vote) with George McGovern only taking 17 (Massachusetts). Origins of the phrase "Epic Fail".

1976  Richard Nixon's Vice-President, Spiro Agnew, had just resigned. Gerald Ford was appointed to fill in as V.P. Then Nixon had to walk the plank. Ford then fell headfirst into the Oval Office unelected. The Republicans went ahead and gave Ford the nomination, since it appeared to be his turn. Washington outsider Jimmy Carter carried the south and won the 1976 election with 297 votes to Ford's 240. Democrats were suspicious. 

1980  After a disastrous 4 years of a bad economy, inflation, attacks from his party's far left wing and hostages in Iran, Ronald Reagan rode in and defeated Carter 489 to 49, with Jimmy Carter carrying only his home state of Georgia, plus West Virginia, Maryland, Hawaii, VP Walter Mondale's Minnesota, and D.C. Democrat's suspicions confirmed.

1984   Ronald Reagan almost ran the table by handily defeating the Democrats sacrificial lamb Walter Mondale in the largest electoral college landslide in modern American history, 525 to 13. Mondale captured nothing but his ever-loyal Minnesota, plus D.C. Wipe out!

1988   Riding on the popularity of Ronald Reagan and their 2 successful terms, his V.P. George H.W. Bush beat an impotent Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis 426 to 111. Let's face it people, I could have beat Dukakis.....

1992  Despite Bush's one time approval rating of 90%, a young and cocky Bill Clinton came from out of nowhere to beat George Bush the Elder by a total of 370 to 168. Texas business man Ross Perot ran as a third party, thus mudding the water and helped damage and take votes from Bush. Clinton was elected with only 43% of the vote. Remember this, Republicans....If you say "no new taxes", you better mean it.  

1996  A disastrous first 2 years behind him, Bill Clinton zipped up his pants long enough to rally his supporters. The Republicans trotted out an ineffective Bob Dole because it was his turn. Clinton won reelection handily, 379 to 159. Once again the Perot factor prevented Clinton from getting a majority of the popular vote (49%). His pants soon returned to the floor. 

2000  After the scandal ridden Clinton administration, George W. Bush barely squeaked by Clinton's V.P., Al Gore in a contested election with Gore winning the popular vote and Bush winning that what counts by a score of 271 to 267. The Everglades water level rose from the weight of all the lawyers in Florida. Democrats can safely blame this one on Bill Clinton's zipper issues.

2004  George W. Bush won reelection by beating John Kerry, 286 to 252.  Kerry came off as a wealthy Pompous Ass and Gucci Marxist through most of the campaign, but democrats wanted revenge so bad for 2000 and would have voted for Paris Hilton if it had been necessary. 

2008  The Democrats snake oil salesmen dig up a back bench Senator named Barack Obama. The Republicans nominated John McCain because it was his turn. Despite his lack of any experience, not being vetted by the media and a controversial past, Obama goes on to election, 365 to 173. Nuff said..... 

And here is Diogenes' prediction for 2012

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  1. Good article hope the last one is accurate.

  2. DS, I pretty much agree right down the line with your prediction although this doesn't take into account the landslide Popular vote for Romney! ;) And as far as I am concerned once this election is over the states that go Obama can be kicked out of the Union and we can form a NEW UNITED STATES (that allows no liberals, socialists, muslims, communits or marxists) and those other assholes can go it alone under whatever name they want. USCSA, United Socialist Communist States of America perhaps?

    Oh and I am also very sick and damn tired of these political parties deciding it is some asshole politician's turn. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  3. It won't even be that close. Obama looks about ready to throw in the towel right this very second, but probably hasn't because he's afraid of Michelle.

    Romney squeaks one out in both Nevada and Pennsylvania, and might even take New Jersey.

  4. I think you're prediction has too many blue states.

  5. Your map leaves Michigan unaccounted/toss-up.

    I disagree about Pennsy and New Hampshire...Romney will carry them as well. If Bush can carry New Hampshire, Romney most likely will too.