Monday, October 8, 2012

Good Monday Morning



  1. Until DS had a recent health issue, I had no idea she was a woman. Now I'm really impressed with this brown eyed beauty with the sharp wit and witticisms that she exhibits on an almost daily basis.

    1. Thank You Very Much,Robert.
      Would it surprise you to know I'm really a natural Blonde! :)

    2. Obviously I haven't been paying attention. I must be over the hill. The problem is, I never even saw the hill. I will now go to my room for a time out with no dessert.

      Who would have known you were eye candy besides being an active participant in today's political dialog across the internet? Of course, your being a constitutional conservative only adds to the package. I'm impressed. Now I have to go back to the coal mine since Simon Legre, aka Will Profit, will withhold my morning gruel if I don't produce some content for CP.