Sunday, October 14, 2012

If Joe Biden So Easily Lies….

….about something that is as easily verified as if he voted in favor of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, what else is he and this administration lying about?

And do you really want another four years of a man and administration who think you’re so stupid that you won’t know when they’re lying to your face like a guy caught in bed, naked, with another woman who claims, “It’s not what it looks like!”?

Because….yes, they really do think you’re that stupid.



  1. My thought during the debate was that Biden thinks that the majority of people will take the lie on face value and never do or listen to fact checking. That way he gets out his message, and the few who do the fact checking or listen to commentary don't matter anyway, sort of like the alleged 47%.

  2. Why shouldn't believe that people are stupid? Just look at their voting base:

    Welfare recipients who, if they had intelligence, would be working and making a fortune.

    Union Laborers most of whom had only to pass an elementary-grade level test to get a job that pays far more than they're worth.

    College Kids for whom the best idea they ever heard usually happens to be the last idea they ever heard, and who have never had the experience that comes with the reality of adult life.

    Feminists who, as a matter of course, live in a bubble of denial and lies.

    Committed Leftists who don;t require or respect truth, because if they did, they would never achieve any sort of political power.

    People who are easily swayed or distracted by false-flag arguments about Big Bird, 'Free' Contraceptives, 'Free' healthcare, etc.

    Deadbeats of all stripes, for whom the Political Left provides with a victimhood ideology and psychology, ready for exploitation, free of charge.

    The Old Guard Civil Rights folks who are still frightened by Jim Crow, and who would be tarred and feathered if their own people ever figured out the scam they've perpetrated upon them.

    The elderly, many of whom still remember FDR as a savior, and are frightened to death that they might not be able to afford their own funerals without a slew of government programs that give the average geezer up to up seven times more in benefits than he/she ever paid into the system.

    The Left, and American Democrats, specifically, depend upon stupid people and take it for granted that there is always a goodly supply. That's the only truth they ever care about.


  3. Matthew, you are absolutely correct. At 67 I have seen a lot of elections and have had an opportunity to see the manner in which Television has changed the entire election process. Candidates have, first and foremost, to be physically attractive to a TV audience. The iconology of talking heads like Walter Cronkite have created a kind of mindless acceptance whatever blather is pushed in the daily news cycle. As a teacher for 45 years I watched the quality of the people who came in to the profession decline from educated, intelligent people who actually read books to drones who dominant reading material was children's literature. History teachers who knew nothing about history, literature teachers who had never read the classics, math teachers who had absolutely no ability to translate mathematical algorithms into usable formulae for daily life. Worse still, was their inability to write.
    In my last year of teaching they had begun a trend of referring to all students as scholars, as though that title required no prerequisites other than attendance, and even that requirement was reduced to a minimum. The left has dumbed down our society and the MSM has both allowed this to happen and aided in the decline.
    When a lying POS like Joe Biden can go on television and lie repeatedly and the moderator fails to challenge the most blatant lies, and one must turn to Breitbart, Diogenes Middle Finger, and Daily Caller as the only purveyors of the truth, we are truly in a very deep hole.

  4. On the Stanford Benet Intelligence Quotient bell curve scale, half the population is below average in intelligence. We commonly refer to this group as Liberals.