Friday, October 12, 2012

Media Calls Debate a Draw - Translation: Ryan Won

But I do believe Joe won points for catching the flying cat...



  1. I felt that Ryan did an excellent job and would have been scored the winner if the multiheaded gorgon had been called on this lies. Biden's dramatics were infantile, his attempts to refute and frustrate Ryan obvious, as was Ryan's coolness and directness and integrity in his replies. By the end Biden looked ready to bust open.

  2. "I've heard about this - cat juggling..."

  3. So the democrats spent an entire week prepping Biden and the only thing they worked on was how to interrupt, hone his trite laugh, and how to be insufferably arrogant.

    Great strategy, Napoleon!

  4. That photo is great. I saw it with a beach ball too. There's a lot of great ideas out there. And I thought Joe's smile was from full Depends.