Sunday, October 21, 2012

Obama Foreign Policy Problem

By Rosemary L.

Barack Obama brought to the presidency the foreign policy experience of a community organizer, that is to say, none. And it shows. Then turned it over to an incompetent ex- president's wife. If there is such a thing as an Obama Doctrine, it might be this: React slowly to a foreign crisis and, in a conflict, pick a side hostile to U.S. interests.

America's Foreign Policy Disastrous Dynamic Duo

Libya: Without the U.S. taking the dominant military lead, NATO’s feeble effort was exposed as a shocking weakness in the military alliance. And Obama still hasn’t explained why Gaddafi’s troops shooting into crowds warranted retribution, while Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could do the same with impunity. What an ill-conceived effort, with no real leadership and no clear goals. And the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya last month and the aftermath just shows the the Obama impotence.

Iran:  In 2009, when Tehran protesters looked to Washington for help, Obama offered little support as he held on to the ludicrous dream that his magical words could sway Iran’s Islamist leaders. His naive stance snubbed the masses of people hoping for democratic reform while ensuring that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will continue his march on to make Iran a dangerous armed nuclear power.

Egypt:  First, Joe Biden says longtime U.S. ally Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was not a dictator, then the administration calls for him to step aside. By withdrawing support for Mubarak, Obama sent shock waves to other U.S. allies in the Middle East, including oil-rich Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and gave an opening for the Muslim Brotherhood rise to power.

Israel:  Obama’s speech seeking a return to Israel’s 1967 borders undercut America’s only reliable ally in the region. His attempt to broker any kind of accord between Israel and the Palestinians is in disarray. Israel is rightfully concerned with Obama’s hard-line on Israeli borders and his fondness for the Arab world. And with the “Arab Spring” sweeping Islamists into power, Israel has been further isolated in the region.

Pakistan: This supposed U.S. ally has consistently undermined U.S. anti-terror efforts, as its intelligence service seemingly is supportive of anti-American jihadists. Pakistan either allowed safe harbor for Osama bin Laden or was totally incompetent despite billions of dollars of U.S. aid. The mixed signals from the Obama administration following the Osama bin Laden raid only further damaged the relationship with Pakistan, a nuclear power.

Russia: Obama’s clumsy attempt to push the reset button with Russia had the U.S. making concessions on missile defense and nuclear arms without gaining anything in return. Instead of moving closer to the U.S., Russia is aligning with China, Brazil, India and other developing nations on key issues. Putin sees him as a wimp.

Apologizing:  Obama’s apology tour shortly after taking office sent the message that he didn’t really think all that highly about America. Not only wasn’t America exceptional, but it was guilty of heinous offenses. No thank you, Mr. President, we honor those who died for our country, we can be proud of the causes they served and families they left behind. 


  1. I hope Romney prints this off and reads it during the debate on Monday.

    1. He might just do that. I've always suspected the commenter "Mitty for Mass" was really Mitt Romney......

  2. Now with Putin (according to Drudge) flexing his missile muscles just a day before the foreign policy debate, we can only hope that those morons who voted for this buffoon the first time have finally gotten the message.

  3. The Libyan incursion to overthrow Gaddafi was Obama's attempt to get foreign policy street creds on the cheap. Obama got what he paid for, which is to say an absolute mess that has resulted in the needless deaths of four heroic Americans and the Muslim world on fire from radical Islamists sensing Obama's pathetic weakness and turning their wrath on all things American. America's position in the world will only slide further into a very dangerous mediocrity should Obama be re-elected.

    All of Obama's failures were quite predictable considering where he was coming from as a Marxist socialist along with his personal incompetency in leadership and management of the most powerful country in the world.