Saturday, November 17, 2012

Now What Are We Supposed to Eat After a Nuclear Holocaust?



  1. The libs will be cooked by the mushroom clouds they deny, but I wouldn't want to eat them.

  2. Shoot, hit self with fatal blow and then aim your wrath at the Hostess bakery for your failure to compromise with them. The Teamsters even managed to compromise and pleaded with the Bakers union to do the same to save 18,500 jobs for all union members.

    I am wondering what the process would be to decertify the Bakers union as a bargaining unit. However, even that might be too much for the other unions to accept to keep the bakery going.

    In any event, this situation illustrates the continued decline of unions in today's highly competitive global economy. Meanwhile the president of the Bakers union continues on with a $200K salary.