Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Obama Considering Earl of Ketchup for Defense Secretary

Sen. John Kerry - Heinz (D-Mass)
Keeping with his theme of America as a defender of freedom and a Military Power in the world, the Washington Post  hints President Obama is considering the appointment of The Duke of Heinz / The Earl of Ketchup - U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-Mass) to the cabinet office of Secretary of Defense.

One of the wealthy 1%, Sen.Kerry, a Navy veteran turned anti-war activist and critic of the use of the military by Reagan, Bush 41 and 43, campaigned for the presidency in part against Bush 43's efforts at waging of war on terror (while never criticizing the bombing of civilians during Clinton's misuse of the air force in Kosovo and ignoring the rivers of Rwanda running red with blood and headless bodies). Testifying in 1970 to a Senate Committee, he accused the US of war crimes.  

Before his anti-war days, Sen. Kerry spent a four-month tour of duty in Vietnam receiving 3 Purple Hearts from a grateful nation for wounds, including shooting himself in the leg and the most serious suffered using an MRE can opener in Saigon in 1969. It is believed he was sent home for his own protection.....

With a former first lady as Secretary of State and Senator Kerry as Defense Secretary I'm sure our enemies in the world will certainly fear America enough to behave themselves while we fix our own problems here at home.  


  1. DS, LMAOPIMP, dang I needed that laugh today!

    Sen. John Kerry - Heinz, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha! :) Yes our enemies will certainly run and hide in fear.

  2. There is one name that comes to my mind as to a more qualified person ... Jane Fonda.

  3. coward in everyone but his mind

  4. All the easier to send them into the field on an unidentified mission of which we don't know which side we're on with no equipment, support, or hope of evacuation.