Sunday, December 2, 2012

What if Obama were the first President of the World?


Obamadias  I
What if our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama, were the ruler of the world as Jamie Foxx wishes? Remember, we’re on the right course here in America, he just needs a little more time. What if his policies were extended out on a global scale? So, I figure if Foxx can have a little fun and elevate our POTUS to deity status, I’ll partake in the fun as well. Let’s take a look.

The current population estimate of the U.S. is 314,848,989 and the world population estimate is 7,055,206,288 according to the
U.S. Census Bureau.

The total current U.S. debt is $16,317,681,766,441.44. That’s a debt per citizen of $51,827.01. If Obama policies were global, we would have a total debt of $365,650,248,297,861.30. Yes, that’s over $365 trillion dollars in debt if Obama were King of the world.

How about the unemployment situation? The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the nation’s official unemployment rate is 7.9% with 12.3 million Americans unemployed. Take that global and we would have 557,361,296 unemployed people. Gee, that’s about the same as last weeks Powerball jackpot so if you won you could give each of them a buck.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that we saw 14,944,642 American households received food stamp assistance in 2011. In 2011, 44.7 million recipients took advantage at a cost of nearly $72 billion dollars. Under the King of the world, we would see an astounding 1,001,839,292 people on food stamps at a jaw dropping cost of over $11.3 trillion dollars.

Pretty frightening when you extend the Obama policies out to a global scale since the American voter apparently wasn’t too impressed based upon his re-election. Over half a billion of the world’s population would be unemployed (yes I know the real numbers are much higher). Over a billion people on food stamps. This is on the right course?

Alas, there is some good news with Obama as POTW. No more individual countries means no more illegal aliens. No more China and Japan owning our debt. No more OPEC manipulating the price of gas. Best of all, we wouldn’t have to worry about Twinkie production going to Mexico!


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  1. That picture is exactly as Obowme sees himself. This jackass's ego is bigger than the entire world debt! I still find it so damn hard to believe that so many Americans and others around the world have fallen for this asshat's lies. :( It's almost as if he were the anti-Christ.