Thursday, December 13, 2012

Who is Obama really negotiating with over the fiscal cliff?

I wasn’t going to post on the fiscal cliff because it’s being covered ad nauseam already, but I can’t help it and have to throw in my two cents on what’s driving it anyway. Why are the ‘negotiations’ being conducted in secret? That’s easy. There aren’t any and neither party wants the public to know that. After all, this is the fiscal cliff, right? Armageddon and all that. Can’t be seen doing nothing or it really kills the effect. That’s why there are no serious offers because compromise isn’t in the cards. Both sides throw out proposals guaranteed to be rejected by the other side because they have already made their political calculations on the fallout.
Obama isn’t negotiating with the GOP. He’s negotiating with the 20 Senate democrats whose seats are up for re-election in 2014. They will be most vulnerable to a public backlash if we go over the fiscal cliff. He needs them to vote to go over the cliff when the GOP passes legislation in the House extending tax cuts for all. He isn’t concerned with House democrats since they are outnumbered. They already have cover to vote as they wish if they are concerned about a 2014 backlash.
Clearly, Obama prefers to go over the cliff. It’s a wish list of goodies for him if we do like defense cuts and raising taxes for all, something he can’t do under his class envy narrative. Oh, don’t worry about another recession. That’s bonus as well. The obstructionist GOP will get blamed and then he will have the political capital required for more stimulus. 9% unemployment again as some economists predict? More bonus as he can extend unemployment benefits. We could go on but you get the picture.
People need to get past this notion that Obama is concerned with a poor economy or high unemployment. He considers those opportunities. An ideologue needs instability and fear in order to implement their agenda. The negatives we see today aren’t failures of his policies, they are successes in his eyes. If we were just trucking along with 4% unemployment and 6-8% GDP numbers each quarter, he couldn’t get his agenda through. Seems a little convoluted but not when you consider his ideology. It trumps all.
Take defense cuts in light of the instability around the globe. Doesn’t make sense to a logical thinking person. But Obama has been clear on this. He see’s America as imperialist. He fully intends to eliminate our capability to initiate full-scale wars anymore. Our stated goal for decades has been to have the ability to fight wars on two fronts simultaneously. Not anymore. The pivot toward the Asia-Pacific region is not just talk. We are pulling up stakes in the Middle East. Israel will be left to go it alone. Turkey and Jordan have been longtime allies in the region, but that is changing as we speak. Do you think it mere coincidence that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over state by state? Syria and Lebanon will fall as well.
To think that over 62 million Americans are so blind as to re-elect him despite the handwriting on the wall flashing in large neon letters not to do it is as frustrating and disappointing as the founders could have ever envisioned. They saw much and put in safeguards in the Constitution to protect against them. Big government is nothing new as that threat has been around far longer than America. Nor is ruling by a tyrant or dictator. But to think that we the people would embrace our demise so blindly is tough to swallow.
Worried about going over the fiscal cliff? Be more worried about any deal to prevent it.


  1. Exceptionally well said Jan! I look at Obama and what he and his minions are doing to America and it makes me physically ill. They collude with our enemies while they are assaulting everything that is good about our Country. Our God, our religions, our military, our way of life, the unborn, state's rights, the way we make money, our health care, our Allies and the list goes on. Is there anything on the bright side these days?? Does anyone wonder why I am MAD all the time??

  2. This has been the plan for 100 years. They are able to enact their plan now because the takers out number the producers.