Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Ask You My Democrat Friends.....How Does It Feel?

I too was once a Democrat. Educated and indoctrinated with your ideals and ways of thinking. I too believed to a certain extent, the ends justified the means.

Some of life's discoveries are exciting, joyful, and exhilarating, while others can be quite painful. Stumbling upon the fact that you do not necessarily have a competent grasp of reality, that you have in fact been duped, is not a pleasant experience. While it may be a living nightmare to realize that part of one’s life was, perhaps, wasted on the false ideas of others. Time wasted in an intellectual fog of propaganda.

So,my progressive friends, now I ask you.....How does it feel to see your so-called “anti-war” party become the most accommodating cheerleader of laser guided death and domination in the Middle East, with predator drones operating in the sovereign skies of multiple countries raining missiles upon civilians and “enemy combatants”, all at the behest of Barack Obama. How does it feel  to see the “party of civil liberties” expand on every Constitution crushing policy while levying some of the most draconian legislation ever witnessed in the history of this country. How does it feel  to see  Obama endorse enemy combatant status for American citizens, and the end of due process under the law through the NDAA. How does it feel to see him endorse secret assassination lists, and the federally drafted murder of U.S. civilians. How does it feel  to see him endorse executive orders which open the path to the declaration of a “national emergency” at any time for any reason allowing for the dissolution of most constitutional rights and the unleashing of martial law.

If I was still a Democrat today I would be sickly ashamed. Yet, I hear many average Democrats actually defend this behavior from their party. The same behavior they once railed against under George Bush.

The biggest difference between progressives and conservatives is that progressives consistently look to government to solve all the troubles of the world, when government is usually the CAUSE of all the troubles in the world. The most common Democratic argument is that in America the government “is what we make it”, and we can change it anytime we like through the election process. Maybe this was true at one time, but not anymore. Just look at Barack Obama. I would ask all those on the Left to take an honest look at the policies of Obama. Where is the end to domestic spy programs? Where is the end to incessant and dictatorial executive orders?

You cannot claim to be anti-war, anti-torture, anti-assassination, anti-surveillance, anti-corporate, anti-bank, anti-rendition, etc. while defending the policies of Obama at the same time. This is hypocrisy.

And now,  in the name of tragedy,  you feel the need to strike even deeper into the document that contains our rights (in your case also perceived rights) and protections against tyranny.

People of my political stripe want a system that respects justice and legitimate law instead of using the law and executive orders as a sword against the public. To wake up each day with solace in the knowledge that while life in many regards will always be a difficult thing, we still have the means to make it better for ourselves and for the next generation. To wake up knowing that those inner elements of the human heart which make us most unique and most endearing are no longer considered “aberrant”, and are no longer under threat.

So I does it feel?


  1. Exceptional article! I too was a democRat until I returned from Vietnam in 1969. The liberal protesters throwing garbage at us as we came off base for the first time changed my political affiliation and mindset immediately. The current socialist/progressive/left redefines the word HYPOCRISY! I am not quite sure exactly what they want? But it does seem their work is guided by Satan. There is a reason we are called the RIGHT and they are called the left.

    1. And those who threw garbage at you are the ones who have now infiltrated government at all levels, whether physically themselves or through their off-spring.....most have ended up in the world of education as they know that's where they need to start the corruption, indoctrination and propaganda. And boy has it worked!

  2. It is an exceptionally insighful article, just what I have been looking for to send to my Liberal friends who can't seem to withdraw their heads from their nether parts.