Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Women Who Single-handedly Brought Peace to the World

"....... traditional alliances fraying, our diplomatic standing damaged, and around the world, people questioning America’s commitment to core values and our ability to maintain our global leadership. That was my inbox on day one as your Secretary of State." - Hillary Clinton 

Yes, Mrs. Clinton, that's pretty much the same Legacy you leave with.


  1. Islamist terrorism runs rampant across North Africa and the Middle East with Syria ablaze, Egypt in dire straights with young Egyptians having second thoughts about the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammad Morsi as just another authoritarian dictator. Mali, Yemen, Sudan to name a few, are all breeding grounds for al Queda franchises. Al Queda is reemerging in Iraq. Afghanistan will become so fractured that the Taliban and al Queda will have small training sanctuaries from which to train terrorists. Iran is stronger than it ever has been and will have enough enriched uranium for half a dozen nuclear warheads by year's end. Iran is also drawing closer to having ICBM's to fit their nuclear warheads on. They already have intermediate missiles capable of hitting Israel with greater accuracy than ever before.

    Despite all this evidence to the contrary, the MSM has the unmitigated gall to claim that Hillary is the greatest woman in American history. This is truly delusional thinking, but quite consistent with their role as propagandists for the Democrat Party.