Saturday, March 30, 2013

Just Sayin'........

No offense to gay people, but if you want marriage equality, get rid of the rainbows and the pride parades. I don’t think it’s classy or very helpful to your cause riding around on a float dressed like Tina Turner in a pink wig and a feather duster sticking out of your ass........  


  1. feather duster sticking out of your ass?????

    Too funny!

  2. I think that is exactly the right message. The apparent need to come out of the closet with pompoms and a brass band as though what you are declaiming is the new revelation is just too much. Live your life anyway you choose, just allow me to do the same, and don't attack my values by dressing up like a nun and doing obscene things.

  3. I wanted to dust the other day and guess what was missing?