Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Brady Campaign Bullsh*t

The statistics in this graphic are correct, I assume, though they are incomplete. I’m not disputing their correctness. I am disputing the intent of those who created this graphic & the fact that it implies, which is that the USA is a far more murderous nation than any other simply because of the fact that we can personally own guns.
I Googled the 2011 population of each of these nations and divided it by the numbers of murders by gun given in the graphic. Below are the percentages, per capita, of murders by gun for each nation:
Finland: 0003%
Australia: 0002%
England: 00007%
Spain: 0001%
Germany: 0002%
Canada: 0005%
And …
USA: 003%
Yes, the USA has more deaths by gun, per capita, than all these other industrialized nations. But the difference is in the thousandths of a percentage point. Statistically, the USA simply does not experience a significantly greater number of murders by gun than these other nations. At all. Why? Because our population is significantly greater than all these other nations. Do you hear that Piers Morgan?
See what knowing the facts, actual empirical evidence, does? Kinda changes the way you look at this graphic, doesn’t it?  
And if the Brady Bunch and their minions were to get their way, you can be sure there would be a lot more tragedies like THIS


  1. What was not reported was how many violent crimes were prevented here.

  2. There are two important elements missing from those statistics. One, how many of those murders were Black on Black crimes. What percentage of the total American murders took place in cities with large Black populations, ie, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle.

  3. Conspicuous by their absence are Mexico and virtually all Central and South American countries. Gun murders in Mexico out number American gun numbers in the aggregate and on a per capita basis. Mexico has strict gun laws, which drug cartel criminals ignore, just as criminals worldwide ignore these ineffectual efforts to control guns.

  4. The Brady Campaign are idiots going after low hanging fruit. If they cared about stopping
    one human being from violently taking anothers life there are unborn children being murdered every day. But who cares, they can't vote, be taxed or advance the liberals agenda.Maybe Bill Gates cares?

  5. They get their numbers from the US Govt. The US Govt. reports HOMICIDES, not murders. Note that homicide includes justifiable homicide including police killing criminals. Note that all deaths that are not immediately deemed accidents are initially listed as homicide. Some are designated as murder later.

  6. Here's another statistic that isn't factored in ... how many of those 9,484 homicides are of people WHO DESERVED WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM, because of their own criminal, and possibly murderous behavior. Now maybe the pansyfied EU doesn't think even evil people deserve to die, but I'm quite happy to believe that some people are just evil, and deserve to die, preferably during the commission of their own crimes, rather than after they get caught and run the judicial lottery, and a ridiculous wait on death row. Frankly, getting killed in the commission of a crime probably has a lower "wrongful conviction rate" than going through the farce of a criminal justice system that we have.