Thursday, March 7, 2013

US government Has Always Thought it Could Kill You

By Donald Sensing @ Sense of Events

"I have been following with some interest (though admittedly not closely) Rand Paul's filibuster of the nomination of John Brennan for CIA director. I admit that I support the filibuster and that many more answers are need from the administration about intelligence-related matters before this or any other nomination should proceed.
 But on the topic of Attorney General Holder's letter about the circumstances under which the federal government might launch a drone strike against an American citizen inside the United States, a little historical perspective might be useful.
Holder can be justly accused of writing his response a bit stupidly, but in fact the US government has always considered it has the right to kill Americans inside America extra-judicially. Which president most recently claimed this power?....."
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  1. I watched about two hours of the filibuster yesterday. Paul was magnificent. It was like a lecture from the Constitution class at Hillsdale. The arrogance of the Obama/Holder coalition, their simple denial of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is stupendous. They represent a threat to our republic such as never has been witnessed in American history. Only Nixon approached the arrogant disregard for the Constitution, and compared to these two, he was a piker.