Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Political Cost of Senator Marco Rubio's Immigration Flip-Flop:

"Back in February, not long after Rubio announced the Gang of Eight immigration proposal, 73 percent of Republicans surveyed by pollster Scott Rasmussen had a favorable impression of the Florida senator. In a new Rasmussen survey released Monday, that number had fallen to 58 percent -- a 15-point drop.
Moreover, the intensity of support among Republicans who still view Rubio favorably has also dropped. In February, 44 percent of Republicans had a very favorable opinion of Rubio. Today the number is less than half that -- 21 percent. ...
Back in 2008, and again in 2012, Romney's opponents never let him forget the flip-flop that marked his move to the national political stage. In coming years, the same might become true for Marco Rubio."- Byron York, The Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent

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  1. Mr Sellout Rubio is toast, and deserves to be. He wanted to be a member of the Big Boys Club in the Senate along with his butt buddy Chucky Schumer. He got it. He was a member for the 15 minutes it took for Schumer and his friend, Harry Reid, to push through the second worse piece of legislation in American history. Now, I am sure Rubio will be dropped like used toilet paper (which he well deserves) by Schumer and friends, and the members of the Tea Parties and other conservative groups will have also written him off. Bad choices have their consequences. Too Bad Marco!