Monday, July 22, 2013

The Failure of Profiling Racists

"The press occasionally does us the favor of picking out a ritual sacrifice like Zimmerman. His public crucifixion fulfills our unarticulated need to symbolically expiate our manifold sins of desecrating the sacred ideology that demands we never notice patterns."

Taki's Magazine
by Steve Sailer
"What can we learn from the media and government frenzy to railroad George Zimmerman, a campaign that continues even after his acquittal, with the Obama Administration now threatening hate-crime charges?
First, the KKKrazy Glue that holds together the disparate elements of the Obama Coalition is fear and loathing of white racists, even when they aren’t racist. Or white.
Second, the farcical trial was—or at least would have been in some rational alternative universe—a huge black eye for the reliability of the prestige press on race-related topics. The evidence presented to the Zimmerman jurors was so out of sync with the storyline packaged for the public in 2012 that there should be a National Media Day of Shame and Self-Criticism.
The press mania got the Sanford, FL police chief, Bill Lee, fired for not charging Zimmerman. But local law enforcement was right all along. The bulk of the evidence always supported Zimmerman’s story of self-defense; thus the quick, decisive verdict,
The only reason Zimmerman was put on trial for murder was because, in their lust to find a white racist murderer of an innocent black baby who got away by flashing his White Privilege Card, the media didn’t bother checking a photo of Zimmerman before inflating this exurban police blotter item into the Defining Event of Our Times......."
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