Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Time for a national discussion on race? Yeah Right.

"We have spent the last 70 years trying to heal race relations in this country. There will be no advance in a dialog on race and race relations in this country until people of ANY color or race STOP MAKING THAT THE ONLY VALUE THEY HAVE TO THEIR COUNTRY!
Not until you stop accepting the lie of the media and realize that you have all been purposely divided and made to hate each other by a government that wants you busy fighting each other so that you cannot oppose the taking of your liberty; will the race divide EVER be healed.
Not until blacks stop accepting the lie that they are nothing and can be nothing because of the “great white oppressors," and realize that they have been sold a bill of goods that totally reverses the dream of Martin Luther King; so that they can be kept voting for the people doing it to them: can this issue ever advance.
The current administration, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton have taken you back 70 years just as the feminists of this country have set back the cause of women. But still you drink the Democrat Koolaid.
That is neither my fault, nor the fault of any white person in this country "- R. M. Bateman


  1. It's only racism because the lying lowlife POS libs on the left say it is. Gots ta keep dem black foke on da plantation ya noe?? Oh no I dun went and made dis here thread RAYSUST! :-)

    Seriously though the left will never ever let racism die.

    Good article form the WSJ on race, and the Zimmerman case.

  2. The country elected its first Black president. He appointed the first Black Attorney General. Since then we have become more divided racially as nation than at any time in my 68 years on this planet. I have never judged a person on any other basis than as an individual and how they relate to me. I now find myself have no desire to either talk to or listen to a Black person because I feel like I already know just about everything they have to say on almost any topic, and it aint what I want to hear. It makes me sad because I spent a major portion of my life working with Black kids, teaching them, trying to give them a sense of self worth based on real achievements. I have watched the schools I worked in become purveyors of the left wing lies and abettors or a system designed to keep people dependent on government. What a F**king Waste of time it all turned out to be!