Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Lawyer to Proceed with Case against NBC News

The Washington Post
Last night’s not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial will enable the neighborhood-watch volunteer to resume his case against NBC News for the mis-editing of his widely distributed call to police. Back in December, Zimmerman sued NBC Universal Media for defamation over the botched editing, which depicted him as a hardened racial profiler. [...]
NBC Universal Media responded to the Zimmerman complaint by noting that other media outlets played up the racial angle of Zimmerman’s deadly encounter with Trayvon Martin.
The company also noted the pivotal nature of the second-degree murder case: “[I]f Zimmerman is convicted, that fact alone will constitute substantial evidence that the destruction of his reputation is the result of his own criminal conduct, and not of the broadcasts at issue which, like countless other news reports disseminated by media entities throughout the country, reported on the underlying events.”
That formulation is now null.
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  1. Can we hope for a guilty verdict against the sorry excuse of a human Al (not so) Sharpton?? I detest that sorry sonofabitch!

  2. Unfortunately, Sharpton is immune. However, NBC is unquestionably guilty of manipulating the facts in the case to make Zimmerman appear guilty. What is particularly troubling is the almost universal belief by Blacks that this whole thing is a racial issue. Sharpton can be blamed to some extent for beginning the process, but the dozens of Black race pimps and talking heads who are filling the airwaves with their particular brand of racial invective, and the President whose statement ignored the fact that Trayvon assaulted Zimmerman, making him anything but an innocent victim, has simply put nearly the entire Black population on one side of the issue and Whites, Asians and Hispanics on the other. Obama has done more to uncover the seething racism of Blacks towards every other racial group than I have seen in all my years. His election rather that proving that America has moved into a post-racial era has given license to Blacks to give voice to the hatred that they have felt and expressed only within their own inner circles.
    Many years ago, in the early 1970s I went through one of the first of the Human Relations courses meant to sensitize teachers to the feelings of minorities. That course which lasted an entire trimester tore apart the faculty of my school by allowing Blacks the ability to say what they were really feeling about their non-Black colleagues. That, in microcosm, is what we have been seeing the last four and a half years since Obama's election. We are anything but Post Racial, and a lot of non-Blacks are finding out what I learned nearly 40 years ago and had reinforced on an annual basis when we were forced to attend workshops at the start of every school year to have our lesson reinforced. Welcome to my world.

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