Friday, August 23, 2013

But....Healthcare Works So Well Over There We're Told.....

 "Last month, Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of the NHS, issued a forensic report, commissioned by the government, which found that 14 under-performing hospitals in England had substandard care, contributing to the needless deaths of nearly 13,000 people since 2005.
Earlier this year, it was reported that a single hospital in Staffordshire recorded 1,400 "excess" deaths.
Following the July report, letters from patients and relatives of those who died flooded in to newspapers, Sky News and the BBC. Many confirmed poor treatment, if in fact they or their loved ones were able to receive timely care at all. The lack of adequate nursing staff, cuts to elder care budgets and a rise in immigrant populations are a few of the factors that have exacerbated the problem......"
"What happens when big, lumbering, inefficient government seeks to provide health care. Why should the U.K.'s horrid experience with NHS matter to Americans?
Because if, in a much smaller country horror stories abound, how much worse could it be when our big, lumbering, inefficient government launches Obamacare? What impact will it have on U.S. hospitals and health care providers? Instead of merely mandating insurance coverage to the uninsured, will our government eventually begin dictating what surgeries and treatments it will pay for based on what a bureaucrat deems cost-effective?
It's only a short step from overseeing health insurance to more intrusive oversight of medical care in general.
Everyone in the U.K. might have access to health care, but they are often forced to accept inferior health care. Will Obamacare result in Americans patiently waiting four-and-a-half months between a referral and an appointment with a specialist or surgeon?
Will Americans have to wait weeks, or months, for treatment or surgery, in some cases, risking death? With Obamacare scheduled to begin phasing-in on Oct. 1, in order to avoid what Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., has called a "train wreck," these questions need answers." - CAL THOMAS, Washington Examiner

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  1. And just think how badly Obama and his team of arrogant narcissistic gubmint lackeys will totally screw up what is currently the best Health Care in the world. As a senior citizen with a bad Ticker I am screwed.