Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mystery Tweeter Turns Out to be National Security Official

Man, the Obama administration sure knows how to pick some winners, don’t they? The White House just fired National Security department director Jofi Joseph for tweeting administration secrets and insults to the the President and his staff under a pseudonymous account with the handle @natsecwonk.

Joseph was the director in the non-proliferation section of the National Security Staff at the White House and had apparently been at his mischievous deed for over two years. His actions were described as “tormenting to the foreign policy community with insulting comments and revealing internal Obama administration information,” by The Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin, who broke the story.

As @natsecwonk, Joseph often insulted the appearance and intellectual rigor of his White House superiors, including Secretary of State John Kerry.  

Politico reported that Joseph is thought to be behind another controversial Hill account, @dchobbyist, though he did not respond for comment. Reactions on the Hill are still pouring in, but most in the foreign policy community were shocked to learn of Joseph’s antics as @natsecwonk, mostly because he was well-regarded by his peers.

His wife, Carolyn Leddy, is also a well-respected staffer on the GOP side of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 

Of course, the administration is a little bummed about being thrown under the bus in 140 characters or less.  

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