Monday, October 14, 2013

The DiploMad 2.0: Is it 1854, yet?

"It's hard to get optimistic about the future given what we have seen the last five years, and, in particular what we have seen the last few months, week, and days. On the international scene, the USA has become an irksome joke. 
The Nobel Prize committee, for example, has once again awarded its prize to an institution, the UN's OPCW, that has yet to do what it has been awarded the prize for doing--sound familiar? The prize, of course, is a rebuke to the US and our vague threats to bomb Syria for having CW. The Iranians are laughing at us; Moscow sees an opportunity created by Obama's ineptness for Russia in the Mideast that the Russians could never have dreamed of having; the Chinese, covering up their own impending economic crisis, are busily advocating an "American-free" world; the jihadis are gaining ground throughout the world; and Latin America drifts away. Allies such as Israel, Canada, and Australia must shake their heads, and wonder what has happened to America.
 At home, we have an executive branch run by people who are a lethal mix of incompetent; untruthful; disloyal to and ignorant of our culture, history, and political traditions; and followers of a progressive creed that sees only more and more government as the solution to the problems created by past expansions of government. More government: That's all that's on offer from this strain of progressivism that has taken over our political institutions, media, and schools..."
Lengthy, but well worth the read. Continue Here

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